Zangon Kataf crisis: Fulani denies causing unrest

Zangon Kataf crisis: Fulani denies causing unrest


Zangon Kataf crisis: Fulani denies causing unrest  …..Demands for farmland return 

From Mustapha Saye, Kaduna


Fulani native under the aegis of Zangon Urban Development Association has denied in strongest term for igniting the crisis that led to unrest in Zangon Kataf area of Kaduna State.

In a statement issued by the national vice chairman of the association, Alhaji  Aliyu M. Tasiu stated that Fulani have  expressed disappointment over the alleged mischief and blatant lies spread by Southern Kaduna Peoples Forum (SOKAPU) and Atayap Chiefdom.

The statement said it was on record that since 1992, after the unfortunate incident that happened to Hausa/Fulani, most of their farm land had been taken over by Kataf people, adding that even after the military administration of Col. Ja’afaru Isa’s intervention that brokered peace in 1996 between and amongst the various factions, till date their farmlands have not been returned.

“All effort to get our farmlands from Katafawas proved abortive,” the statement said.

It further said: “as usual assurances were given to us by the Agwa Atayab but in reality nothing has been done, our farmland is with them and our people usually attempted to get their farm land, it will turn to something else.

“They have been using our farmland for almost three decades and last week we have lost many of our people.”

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