Zamfara visitation: Matawalle lacks power to stop Yari 

Youth group Zamfara FCE (T) Gov Council at loggerheads


From Abba Kabara, Gusau

A joint pressure group of two NGOs in Zamfara state are bracing up for a showdown with the Chairperson Governing Council, Federal College of Education (Technical), Gusau Madam Iyabo, over the criteria followed for the appointment of the college Provost.

The National Youth Assembly (NYA) led by Comrade Munnir Haidara in collaboration with the Zamfara State Civil Society Network (ZCSN) chaired by Mallam Anas Sani Anka, are jointly planning to go on peaceful demonstration against what they view as “nepotistic” strategy to deprive Zamfara of taking the position of the college Provost.

The spokesman on behalf of the two groups Mallam Anas Anka who spoke to the press over their grievances, said the procedures followed for the selection of the college Provost smacked of gross injustice and “deliberate plan to unjustifiably allocate the post to a favoured candidate.”

Anas narrated that his group and that of his counterpart are particularly worried about the way the Governing Council Chairperson is overzealously bent on substituting the Zamfara candidate with her anointed one, despite clear evidence that the Zamfara candidate has emerged the best at the recently conducted interview for the post.

The duo alleged that since the outcome of the interview conducted by the panel set up by the College’s Governing Council recommended Dr. Rabia’atu Musa Mafara as the best performer of the three candidates, “the Chairperson should have allowed the Minister and President to decide on who emerges  provost among the three shortlisted names.”

“After imposing a very unqualified person as Bursar of the College, Anas queried:  “Why does she now want to unjustifiably deny Zamfara people the right to have their son or daughter get the chance to take the post of the College’s Provost.”

On this premise, Anas warns that even though the group is aware that some members on the interview panel are indigenes of the state, “this will not defer our resolve to take legal action,” adding further that, the group is already in consultation with PM Lasco Chambers in preparation for instituting a court action against the planned conspiracy.

The group said it has already petitioned the Chairperson to reverse the interview advert recently placed in the national dailies, insisting that the interview conducted earlier was in line with the laid down procedures.

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