Emirates agitation began decade ago

Why to Support New Emirates in Kano State


Why to Support New Emirates in Kano State 

By Muhammed Isa Bilal


The traditional authority has been a system of administration for centuries especially in Northern Nigeria, where the emirate council under the traditional ruler ship of the Emirs once reigned supreme. The line of authority begins with the Emirs who are the thief executives, followed by the district heads and village heads. Usually the village heads appoint the ward heads to assist them in other smaller villages under the jurisdiction of the Emirs.

In line with the hierarchy, ward heads reports to village heads and the village heads report to the district heads or theMagajingari”which provided the link to the Emirs who are the final authority. At that influential time the Emirs controlled the local Police, courts and the prisons under their jurisdiction.

This system of authority applies to the ancients Kano city. Kano for a very long time has been the center of socio-economic interaction.people form the Middle East, North and West African as well as from the Asian and Arabian part of the world come to consummate business in the ancient city of Kano. By the 16th century, going by the account of eminent historical scholars, Kano had establish a name for its self. It is called Kano “Tumbin -giwa”meaning – the city that is huge, vast like the stomach of an elephant. The influx of people from across the continents, at that time all international caravans through the Trans – Saharan trade routes had embraced Kano as the ideal rendezvous.

Why to Support New Emirates in Kano State

That was why Kano is easily the most prominent cities in Northern Nigeria till date. The complex nature of the city and its environs, with all manner of races bringing their civilization along to the city had over the years made Kano to be advance and civilize.

However, the forgoing influence of the emirs has been a subject of debate and criticism before and after the Nigeria independence. The traditional system of authority had been accused by the emerging Northern educated elites for their high handedness, corruption and for encouraging and condoning the degeneration of the establish system of social justice and equity, and exploitation at the expense of the masses on whose behalf they ruled.

Prominent among the western educated Northern elites who were inclined to challenge the local authority at that time for their excesses, was the late Mallam Aminu Kano, a foremost kano born politician known for his doggedness in fighting for the liberation of the poor masses, he was a former mathematics and English teacher before venturing in to politics.

Mallam Aminu Kano was reputed to constantly be heard addressing the people in market squares, supported by a few educated Northerners such as the late Sa’adu zungur who wasthe son of the imam of Bauchi province, zungur was a graduate of the famous Yaba College of Technology among others of their contemporaries. In such gatherings, mallam Aminu Kano would remind the people about the glories of their past; such as the great achievements of the sokoto caliphate and the palatable scholarship and social equity that reigns in Kano and the entire caliphate provinces and contrast them with what the traditional authorities in connivance of the colonial masters who turned the system to the detriment of the masses.

The late Mallam Aminu kano was bold and articulate in his criticism of the traditional ruler ship which was obviously so conservative and  seemed reluctant to embrace progressive tendencies, rather choose  to alien with the British colonial masters to exploit the people without any spirited attempt to empower and educate the people. The late Mallam Aminu Kano had died fighting for the emancipation of the Northerners,fighting for the right of the Northerners to have access to quality education and for their right to social justice.

Meanwhile the essence of this piece was intended to call the attention of all men of goodwill; especially those of Northern extraction to see reason why they should support the recent decapitation or decentralizing of the Kano Emirate in to five functional Emirate councils.All over the world people are striving to be progressive and not static as the world is fast evolving with  most societies  embarrassing dynamism.  It is this dynamism that Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje (OFR) is inclined to ingrain into the people’s psych, while a section is fighting against.

Does that mean the entire people of Kano state must remain static and retrogressive,just for the sake of maintaining the status-quo, history or one mighty over bloatedEmirate? Inmy view I think that can’t be viable if development must be driving down to the grass-roots, especiallyin this Technological age of the 21stcentury. The Traditional institution is there originally to maintain and nurtureour diverse culture and heritage, as such the Emirs, chiefs or Obas as the case may apply are and remain the custodians of our various cultural inclinations as well as agent of fostering harmonious co-existence in our societies, and for that we hold them in the highest esteemed.

Governor Ganduje has no intention and can’t attempt to erode the system, thus,the expanding of  the system is for the benefit of the people. Since 1976 when the then military government introduced and enacted the local government reforms, all the functions of the traditional councils were obliterated leaving them without any official function for them to carry out.

Why to Support New Emirates in Kano State

However, they have a lot to offer in terms of rendering critical advice to the government where necessary. It is imperative to note that, the role of our traditional rulers in our today’s contemporary Nigeria is to morally assist and support the governments towards realizing their objectives of implementing peoples oriented Programmes, policies and projects.

Perhaps,Governor Ganduje was conscious of the fact that Kano state’s landscape is  verse, and as such, to drive down important and critical peoples oriented Programmes such as  the free basic and secondary education  as well as  health care delivery system to the door step of the ordinary Kano people, a more realistic approach is necessary. Therefore, to achieve this objective, decentralization of traditional leadership could help to reach out to the millions of kanawa using the apparatus of the various emirate hierarchy to get down to the grass root for effective coordination from the state, down to the ward level.

At least we should support the dynamic approach of Governor Ganduje for the good of the people. If the colonial master found the traditional system of governanceuseful in their project of  indirect rule in the Northern protectorate, using the same system as an idea to  spread development  in the interest of Kano people by Governor Ganduje should be welcome by all progressive minded people of the great state  without hesitations.


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