Why I defend Buhari-Obasanjo’s son

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“Politics is not a battle, it is not war; we should stop looking at it from the stand point of who is superior. President Muhammadu Buhari has done well,’’ Mr. Olujonwon Obasanjo, son of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, has said.

The National President, Buhari Youth Organisation (BYO), said Wednesday that Nigerians should not compare the administration of his father to that of President Buhari.

The junior Obasanjo, whose father has joined forces with opposition against Buhari said: “I have an ideology and an opinion, my father has his and we are not in conflict, we are still a family, a loving family at that.”

Obasanjo was in Abuja at the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Secretariat where he said that he could not speak for his father’s administration, but believes in the President Buhari’s administration as a young man.

He said that his continued support for the Buhari administration did not in any way amount to disrespecting his father and he is entitled to his political views as an adult.

“Everybody’s parent wanted them to be one thing or the other, probably different from what they are today, but at certain stage in our lives we choose our path, that does not amount to disrespecting your parents.

“When you get to certain point in life, you are responsible for the decisions you take; with all due respect, my father is my father and will remain my father despite our political differences.

“I am an adult and as individual, I am here as someone who believes in Buhari`s government. This government is diversifying the economy from an oil based economy and has made agriculture fashionable.

“Today, people talk about farming and they no longer look at it in a degrading manner, people now look at the value chain when you talk about farming,“ he said.

The BYO president added that to him, it is all about the impact the Buhari-led government has made and how much it has impacted on the people.

“Nigerians must look beyond oil and think outside the box by looking at other areas which he said the APC’s government is doing in the interest of Nigerians,’’ he added.

He noted that beyond diversifying the economy, the government is promoting youth involvement in all sectors.

“As a young man, I am looking at the future, and I believe in this government and I am supporting President Buhari, so I cannot speak for my father,“ he said.

He, however, said it would be unfair to compare the Obasanjo-led administration with the Buhari government, because according to him, the circumstances are different.

“I think that it will be unfair comparison” because what each leader met on ground was different, and they both came in under different circumstances.

He advised that as a nation, we need to progress mentally and quit looking at politics as a do or die affair or as something that should separates us.

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