Who wants to be a teacher?

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Teaching is my noble profession. I am proud of it because it provides an effective tool for human development. That is why parents send their children to school for the inculcation of their social, academic, moral and physical development to ensure their overall effectiveness in national and communal life.

I am a teacher-driven by excessive passion to change the world for the joy of my students. To actualise my dream, I task myself modifying their brains, designing unquestionable character for them so that they can live a beautiful life. While engaging my learners to acquire prolific knowledge, I diligently deploy my artistic and scientific powers without which the human mind intellect would have been at the mercy of artillery of ignorance.


The potentialities of the individual are physical, mental as well as spiritual. Thus, I am incredibly concerned with the cultivation of “whole” person. Essentially, what makes a man to live and function in a society is my fundamental focus. Indeed, my infinite struggle is laden with effective thoughts and ideas, living reality, wide range of creativity, far reaching imagination, producing the finest fruits of thoughts among others to carry learners to the land of ideas of development.


Life is worth living when I discover values for students, ensuring their justifiable application for behavioural change as well as academic fulfillment. It is absolutely painstaking operation lifting the enormous hurdle of systematic and prudent construction of sound knowledge which bears resemblance to what John Dewey calls “reconstruction of experience”. This sharpens the power of insight and foresight and equips the mind with greater reflexive capacity for verification, justification and analysis.


Though the notorious learner may despise me, yet, my stubborn hope is always alive, forging ahead and remaining faithful to his or her tremendous success. My biggest fear is learners’ failure in their academic pursuits and moral degeneration. I rejoice when learners’ learning outcome is fair and above. Part of my exalted enchantment is living to teach and never cheating to live. Those who critically study my psychology acknowledge my persistent agitation to offer learners the best love, care, support and counselling where even immense wealth cannot buy.


Philosophers always find themselves in love with intellectual interactions because of maximum comfort derivation. My take here is the philosophical satisfaction sourced from Frantz Fanon. “We must discover our mission and fulfill it or betray it”. With this wisdom reigning supreme in my mind, I remain grateful to Allah that the discovery of my mission is tilted towards production of mass human intellects. By his grace, I will hold on to this mission until my last breath. I am ever ready for this task even though some of my learners are very crude and rude to me in terms of behavioural exuberance. Of course such are ill mannered and I have to absorb and swallow severe shocks of their calling me derogatory and repulsive terms. I have to learn and teach myself living with their bitter pills of open insults. A-times, some even attempt to beat me up as if dealing with an enemy!


It is apparent that my only sin is striving hard to mould their feeble character and never let them down so that they will be responsible citizens but for which they are averse. I venture into this risk generating activity because I am always cautioned by Herbert Spencer that, “Education has as its main objective in the formation of character.”


Wallahi, if we allow knowledge and character to part ways and fall apart, the consequences are colossal. If you are of the doubting Thomases, please refer to the late Mahatma Ghandi’s brilliant exposition on knowledge without character and how it can set the world on fire.


It is no longer terrible news that I resist all practical but dangerous impediments to make a breakthrough in discharging my laudable duty. For instance, I am supposed to have 40 pupils per class for effective management and learning outcome. But today I am reduced to a laughing stock to cater for 150 to 200 students in one class! Is this the greatest joke of the millennium? Is this our new vision? Can this experiment be tested even in the most populated China?


Don’t forget that education is my legitimate constituency in which I have so many good things to offer. But I have never been recognized for even the award of any simple constituency project on education matters to ameliorate this cumbersome mess.


My dear colleagues and I are just helpless, voiceless and hopeless to hear horrible stories of resource plundering on feeding at government houses and the superfluous allowances of our elected politicians many of who are rated as parasitic elements who dodge responsibilities. If this trend prevails, then the nation must wait and face the dire consequences sooner or later!


Nobody needs to be cajoled that children are our precious assets that can be tapped to create a wonderful world. That is why I motivate them to learn new skills for their future socio economic engagement. Till date, I have not retired from teaching them securing new ideas to enhance and consolidate their intellectual capacity. I scrutinize their daily exercises for jargons and other learning imperfections so as to broaden their learning outcome. It is to my hard earned credit that I function as a teacher, counsellor, judge, doctor, parent cumulatively to deliver them to the greatest social order.


At last, my products among who include lawyers, engineers, bankers, politicians, business people, doctors, etc are moving the society even though they hardly remember me as well as my past labour.


Now, it is my cogent conviction that I have paid the nation my social dues, perhaps better than all my compatriots of the other life domains. But has the same nation reciprocated my prolonged and enduring services? We are all witnesses! My nation has forsaken me and grossly abused my profession. This nation ensures that my work is now on the verge of collapse because of its rapidly diminishing socio-economic status. This same nation promotes all other jobs to be more significant while forgetting that it is my job that makes all these “other jobs” possible. Is my job not the mother of all jobs? One can imagine the calamity that will befall the nation if everybody boycotts teaching work.


It is very amusing that whenever I ask my students what they aspire to be in future, their answers are predictable as they opt for all other jobs excluding teaching. However, I don’t fault them because the society teaches them the invaluable rank of a teacher. Is the nation doing the right thing or doing things right regarding my plight?


Abdullahi wrote in from Galadanchi Quarters, Ringim, Jigawa state.

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