Acute water shortage hits Sokoto metropolis

Water, roads provision at Yankatsari: Councilor appeals KNSG


Water, roads provision at Yankatsari: Councilor appeals KNSG 


By Alhassan Abba Yankatsari 



The Councilor representing Yankatsari Ward in Dawakin Kudu Local Government Area of Kano State, Hon. Murtala Abdullahi Adamu, has called on the state government to come to the aid of his constituency by providing it with potable drinking water and embarking on construction of road networks in the area. 


He disclosed this in an interview with The Triumph recently.

Hon. Adamu lamented these were the major problems militating against the rural community.

The councilor called on the state government and the authorities of the local council to immediately address the problems considering the fact that rainy season is fast approaching.

He said residents of Yankatsari village have identified some roads needing urgent attention to include the one starting from Mill Goma linking Maiduguri Road to Kwanar Kurma of Dawakin Kudu Road.

He noted that the road is the main one being used by the villagers for transporting their farm produce, reiterating that if attention is given to the road it would assist immensely in promoting development and boosting socio-economic life of the dwellers of the area, the local government in particular and the state at large.

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