Wake up! Governor Masari 

Wake up! Governor Masari 

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Wake up! Governor Masari 

By Comrade Bishir Dauda

It is a depressing and dull moment in Katsina state as far as governance is concerned. Almost eight months after a dull electioneering campaign, and four months after the so-called swearing-in, there is no cabinet. We are at a stand-still! And there is no information on why the inertia. 

Why even the first four years of Masari was more exciting? Why has it become difficult for the Governor to hit the ground running? Why the slow-pace of governance at all?

There is no legal and constitutional expert no matter how partisan who could defend running a government without commissioners. This is the situation we find ourselves. We have a governor, but all the ministries that run governance are manned by traditional permanent secretaries whose functions and duties are constrained constitutionally.

But the logic of my write-up is to seek for a rejoinder from the powers-that-be to brief the good citizens on why they are breaching oath of office for not doing what is legal and constitutional. In what way this inaction is helping Katsina state? We want to know.

As citizens we have the right to ask questions over the delay and consequences of the delay. In fact, we are highly interested in determining the kind of people the governor will appoint as commissioners.

Of course, the governor has appointed advisers, but is this mandated by the constitution? Governor Masari as a former law-maker should have been amongst the few governors that should have had their cabinets formed by now.

This silence means contempt to citizens. It is like looking down on public opinion. But it is not only about underrating the electorate but also degrading governance. Things are grounded; civil servants are behaving as they like because there is no one to supervise them.

Wake up! Governor Masari 

Major government policies and programmes that require cabinet approval are suspended in limbo. The sad news is that only political jobbers and mediocre are appointed as advisers and aides. It is so demoralising.

We hope the governor will wake up and do his constitutional duties diligently.

Dauda wrote in from Sabuwar Unguwa Katsina and is National Coordinator, Coalition of Northern Youth Organization for National Integration.


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