The future of University of Maiduguri  students 


The future of University of Maiduguri  students 

Suleiman Abdullahi Malumri 


Knowledge is power; it is the foundation and bedrock of every society which enables us to make informed decision between right and wrong, good and bad.

It is a key to the development of any nation or state that wants to succeed in life and it comes in different ways and areas of life where we learn at school, from experience, history and your day to day activities.

The University of Maiduguri is a great institution which has produced prominent personalities in almost every aspect of life such as politics, education, among others and is still producing public figures.

However, it is a very painful to watch this great and prestigious institution which produced people of honour, dignity and mirrors of the society to which people see as role models, falling.

Education is essential to the society and is a key variable to development as it helps to living a successful and golden life through which people can look up to it as a role model.

For a prestigious institution like UNIMAID to continue to produce public figures and great personalities, one important aspect is to look at the avenue through which it can sustain these records and successes.

Writing and ability to express oneself is the key ingredient to every successful person, though, writing entails so much and for an individual to be successfully trained, the manner of assessment must also be taken into cognisance as people from different endeavours have different characteristics  peculiar to that field.

Thus, it is very heartbreaking watching this institution of great honour and aura degrading because the world out there is very challenging and competitive and in order to prepare one for that, the necessary requirements must be followed.

Examining students with computers within few minutes does not bring out the best in them. It does not bring out the talents, exposure, research and above all, critical thinking which is a key ingredient in communication.

Though using computer is the easiest way to assess a student and reduce stress, but the irony is, it kills the talents in students and above all, makes them lazy. Students can be examined using both computer and critical thinking, which involve researching and writing where courses that are suitable for computer and writing are done respectively.

My eyes are filled with tears as the talents of such creative students are suppressed; students now solely depend on hand-outs which make them lazy.

Not all decisions represent the best for all, “there are Departments to which writing is very essential like English, Mass communication, Language and Linguistics, Agriculture; including calculations in departments like Accounting, Mathematics among others.”

Examining a student from such departments with computer does not bring out the best in them, it terminates the talents in them, most especially students of Mass Communication where the ability to write, read, express oneself, being current on happenings, critical thinking and above all engaging in research and arguments with fact are very essential.

The world out there is the total opposite; it is about critical thinking, being current on happenings and above all the ability to communicate effectively. The talents of students are shattered into vanity, pieces with nothing to pick but being centred; focusing on what has been taught only.

The future of students in UNIMAID is not assured and never with being subjected to a computer which is the opposite of the real life and how is their future secured with the problems facing this country which need critical thinking and above all, sound education?

Malumri is 400-level student from University of Maiduguri.

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