Sultan Bello Mosque Chief Imam urges fervent prayer

Sultan Bello Mosque Chief Imam urges fervent prayer


Sultan Bello Mosque Chief Imam urges fervent prayer 

From Mustapha Saye Kaduna 

 As Muslims all over the world celebrate the 1441 AH Hijra Islamic year, a call has been made on them to intensify worship and pray fervently for peace, security and unity of Nigeria.

The Chief Imam of Sultan Bello Juma’at Mosque Kaduna, Dr. Muhammad Sulaiman Adam made this call while commenting on the importance of the Islamic Calendar to the Muslim Ummah.

According to him, the period is for stock-taking and sober reflection.

He added that the Islamic year also reminds Muslims of the migration of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, from Makkah to Madinah.

He also advised Muslims on the importance of registering their new born children at the local government secretariats, as done by followers of other religions, stressing that the exercise would be beneficial for the child in future, especially in securing school admission, transacting businesses and in applying for job.

Dr. Adam equally emphasized the importance of registration for the National Identify Card, urging Muslims not to relent in that direction for their own benefit.

The revered Islamic Scholar also appealed to people trespassing in the Sultan Bello Eid Praying Ground to henceforth stop such act as it is against the Islamic law.

He called on wealthy Muslims to help in the maintenance and rehabilitation of the place for the benefit of the Ummah.

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