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Sule as game changer in Nasarawa


Sule as game changer in Nasarawa 

From Suleiman Lawal, Lafia


From the recent development or rather the way and manner in which Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State is moving, it could be apt to say that the governor is really changing the game of politics in the state. In essence, he is really becoming a game changer of that state.


Tantamount to this is the speed at which he is going towards bringing rapid development in the state – a commitment noted in earnest since three months into the life of his administration – the period when he flagged off construction of roads across the rural areas of the state.

It was upon this premise or his giant strides in turning the state around that the citizens begin to notice a paradigm shift in the style of leadership in the state courtesy Engr. Abdullahi Alhaji Sule.


As history has made it, one would recall that when he took up the mantle of leadership of the state from his immediate predecessor, now Senator Umaru Tanko Al-makura on May 29 last year, he promised to make transparency, accountability and prudent management of public resources as his watch words with a view to taking the state to the next level.


Be it as it may, today, the state has been catapulted from almost a collapse revenue base to realising a billion Naira in February this year before the COVID-19 pandemic began to hit the whole world.


But despite the effect of coronavirus, Governor Sule was able to keep to his promises. So far, numerous projects were either flagged off or commissioned by him. Such projects included the completion of two gigantic ones at Government House Lafia.


Previously, it was really part of his dreams for the state that made him indicating interest to actively involve in politics. Sule was first seen in political gallery when he decided, in his zeal to change the game in the state, by joining Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), even though the political kingpins at that time ganged up against him and his good intention, thus killing his dreams then, till now when God predestined him to be the game changer.


Such political skirmishes in those days made him to strongly make some due consultations with his political backbones through which later he agreed to dump the PDP and join the Action Congress (AC), which later metamorphosed to Action Congress of Nigeria (CAN). Here still his dream or effort of gaining access to the top echelon of leadership of the state was also hijacked.


As a democrat, Sule did not relent in his move where he later pulled his supporters to All Progressives Congress (APC) to now realize his ambition in 2019, when he was sworn to take charge of the helm of affairs of the state.


To this end it was reliably gathered that being an industrialist guru, before he assumed office or rather when his victory was announced at the 2019 polls, he was busy making connections with investors from outside world in an effort to woe them to come down and invest in order to improve the economy of the state.


On assumption of duty and within his first 24 hours in office, Governor Sule had made some disbursements to some groups of women in the state. It could be recalled that within the period under review, he disbursed a number of grinding and sewing machines to the women in an effort to empower them for self reliance and reduce their burdens on their husbands.


At the occasion, the governor made it clear that he would transform their socio-economic status.


It would also be recalled that at campaign stage, he used his good working influence to influence disbursement of N10, 000 to women cutting across 13 local government areas and 19 Development Areas to empower them from Dangote Group of Companies.

One thing that will continue to be remembered is the way and manner his opponents carried out campaigns of calumny against him just to scuttle his ambition.


In fact, being a man of integrity, Engr. Sule had never succumbed to such distractive words from opposition. He is more focused on issues based campaign. This attitude gained him more popularity ahead of  other candidates vying for the number one seat of the state in 2019.


It is not a slip of tong if one says, for the period of his four months in office, he uses his glasses, as a man who spent most of his life in private sector to study governance with a view to giving him and his administration as sense of direction to live up to all expectations.


Some politicians of olden days failed to accept digitalisation though the world has grown above analogue systems. There are those busy planning for single tenure for the governor, but let them realize their mistakes and embrace the change or else the wind of change will change them.


I remember, when asked by a journalist during a media chat as to whether he is jittered with the assertion in some quarters naming or calling him one termer, hear his response: “I am aware, but that doesn’t shake me. Remember I contested for this seat sometimes back, I didn’t make it.

“Now from where I found myself as governor of the state so, if somebody call me or said I’m going to do one tenure, so what? Shall I fall and start crying?

“Wallahi Wallahi Wallahi from the bottom of my heart, if Allah says I’m going to do only a tenure, Alhamdulillah, I thank him for the opportunity giving to me to serve in this capacity.”

What an apt response? Even though it may reawaken critics to renew their rivalries against the governor come 2023.


But, as a man of his words, Sule, sent a signal that now he his in charge of the political arena of the state. This came to the fore when he has gone extra mile against all odds to complete the multi-billion Naira abandoned Banquet Hall project initiated by late Aliyu Akwe Doma in the heart of Government House Lafia, a scenario which not just joined issues with the naming of the hall after Aliyu Doma, but resent opponents back to slumber.


Investigation shows that with the gesture extended to former governor, late Aliyu Akwe Doma, Sule will now go to sleep with his eyes closed  with no fear of any political dictators.


To prove this right was the recent thank you visitation to Sule by timber and caliber who are total loyalist of Aliyu  Akwe Doma-led administration. The action has reechoed the sound of victory of the Sule administration come 2023.

Speaking separately, the former deputy governor of the state, Chief John Michael Abdul, former Secretary to the State Government, Timothy Anjide and the son of the former governor, Umaru Aliyu Akwe Doma all appreciated what Governor Sule did for the honour done them by naming the hall after their leader and father.


They assured of their unflinching support for his administration to succeed as one of their own who served in Aliyu Akwe Doma administration is made chairman of the state Investment and Properties Development Company (NIPDC).


The visitation was beautified with appointment of Sule as patron of Aliyu Akwe Doma political appointees, which is part of the resolutions of the forum, assuring him of their support.

Responding, Sule described Aliyu Doma as a father to all, maintaining that the second governor deserved to be immortalised because of his contributions in the struggle for the creation of the state as well as being the one who conceptualised the construction of the hall.


Meanwhile, a cross section of citizens of the state who shared their opinion on Sule’s political mathematics, they have noted and submitted that today no politician has a better chance to confront or challenge Sule’s second term bid.

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