Sugungun: Turning Jigawa LG system around

Sugungun: Turning Jigawa LG system around


Sugungun: Turning Jigawa LG system around 

By Shafiu Yahaya

Alhaji Kabiru Hassan Sugungun is the commissioner supervising Jigawa State Ministry for Local Government. He has contributed immensely to the stability and development of the state.

Being a commissioner at the ministry, which is believed to one of the most popular and strategic ministries in the state, he tries to extend a willing hand of fellowship to his subordinates, especially the Permanent Secretary of the ministry.

In an understanding, much of life revolves around light and shadows. Therefore, the commissioner struggles to shine to better light for others to see. But alas many fail to shine because they come into it unprepared and are soon lost in the welfare using. They fizzle out in the gloom of the darkness without living as much as a dim image.

Yet some handful few are beacons who have distinguished themselves beyond asking they are up there casting shadows that provide some shade to protect others from the harsh element of life.

They are living the eastern star becoming and lighting every cranny, leaving a trajectory whenever they traverse, thus making the sand of their terrain with indelible foot print.

One of such galaxies in the local government services today is the experienced and dynamic commissioner Alhaji Sugungun.

A bench mark against all performance prisms in the public service, Alhaji Sugungun has come to symbolize one of innovation changes, and stands out as a personality of note whose achievements to date represent the hall mark of perseverance and spirit of public servant.

To those who know the education first closely, his irrepressible urge to assist the downtrodden should not be a surprise.

Alhaji Sugungun is one who believes that life does not worth its essence without impacting positively on others. This has been a propelling force behind his endeavours. However, he is a man of formidable intellect, element personality and unimpeachable integrity put in all within his reach to make local councils in the state grow and get to the level they are currently. The sector is seen as not only a golden record difficult to break, but also a legacy worthy of emulation by others.

As a commissioner, he encouraged originality of thought and originality of action, making the sector a resilient system capable of taking all shocked and a little while, turning such irritants into great profit.

The commissioner, who was born and brought at the palace of Sugungun village head, proves that he is a true ambassador of that very historic and important palace.

Anywhere, every where, weather at joint or at commercial buses Alhaji Kabiru Sugungun’s name highly praised for his contributions to the development of the state.

Without prejudice, fear or reproach, when he was named as commissioner in the ministry, many heaved a sigh of relief, believing that the long awaited medicine, for the already disease that had eaten deep into the organization, has at last been found.

The image of local government system was so bad before his advent. Previously, the system was synonymous with sharp practice and other service. There was overlapping of functions of various departments and operatives as well as arbitrary imposition of high recklessness with fund.

In the sector, there were low morale, duplication of functions of some departments, low revenue base and many more. The situation became so alarming that something drastic needed to be done.

The need for repositioning and re-engineering was paramount in the mind of the state government, while searching for a capable hand that could actualize the vision and objective of the system.

To stem the tide, Governor Badaru Abubakar of the state appointed Alhaji Sugugun as a commissioner of the ministry and since then the ministry has been witnessing huge revival.

The progress and achievements of the system since his assumption of office are monumental in all facets. He has the thrust to push the former ailing system to higher height through his strong will, managerial ability, administrative wherewithal and competence through which he was able to turn around the system for the better not only to the delight of those at corridor of power but also to employees and rural dwellers.

Yahaya resides in Kano.

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