Street begging: MURIC wants child abandonment criminalised

Street begging: MURIC wants child abandonment criminalised

Street begging: MURIC wants child abandonment criminalised

By our correspondent  

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) on Monday urged the Federal Government to criminalise child abandonment by parents in Nigeria. 


The MURIC director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, who made the call in a statement issued in Lagos, said it
The move would hold parents accountable and reduce incidents of child neglect in the countrystatement issued by the MURIC director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola on Monday in Lagos said.
Akintola said: “We are worried about the large number of children roaming the streets. These are the leaders of tomorrow.
 “Our children are our strength but that is only if we give them proper upbringing through a balanced education otherwise they become a sword of Damocles hanging above our heads.”
MURIC, however, called on the National Assembly (NASS) and all state legislatures in the country to set the machinery in motion for criminalising child abandonment.
According to him,  parents who failed to educate or train their children and allow them to roam the streets should be held accountable.
He added: “The Glorious Qur’an chapter 2 verse 233 charges parents (particularly fathers) to provide the basic necessities of life including food, accommodation and clothing.”

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