Sheikh Pantami and the amoral youths of today

Sheikh Pantami and the amoral youths of today


Sheikh Pantami and the amoral youths of today

By AmiruHalilu  


“There are seasons in every country when noises and impudence pass current for worth; and in popular commotions especially, the clamours of interested and factious men are often mistaken as patriotism.” – Alexander Hamilton.


The dishonour and the profane behaviour meted out to the well-respected Islamic scholar and current minister of communications and technology penultimate week by some impudent youths who were alleged to be members of Kwankwasiyya movement at MalamAminu Kano International Airport is a thing to despise and strongly condemned in the strongest term. The minister on his departure to Abuja on Tuesday, 24 September, 2019, coincidentally arrived the airport at a time when members of Kwakwasiyya movement were accompanying their fellow members to the airport on their departure to India for their Masters’ degree programme sponsored by the leader of the movement, Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.


The youths booed the minister and made every endeavour to assault him but was covered and protected by the few security guards around him and some of the members of Kwankwasiyya movement who still have an atom of sense. Thank God he managed to go unharmed. Out of their clownishness and foolishness they were chanting “bamayi, bamayi” and some were saying saiKwankwaso.” Meaning, “We are not with you” while some were hailing Kwankwaso.” And others were throwing insults at President Buhari despite not being there in person. If proper precaution is not taken to prevent future occurrence, this profaneness and taboo will have widespread ramifications.


I dwelled in the abyss of questions; throwing different types of questions at myself: What prompted this profanity? What could be the sin of this gentleman? What has he done to deserve that cruelty? Does Isa Ali Pantami belong to Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje’s camp? Is he a politician? Does he ever throw his weight behind any politician? Is he a card-carrying member of APC? Did he ever ask anyone to vote for APC or PDP? Did he ever attend any political gathering? Has he ever been in a collision course with the leader of this so-called movement? In reality it doesn’t at all; the answer is certainly no!


Any sane individual with an ounce of decency must be really quite disturbed by this profanity, boorish and intolerance shown by these ill-bred youths. Please pardon me if I’m am too hard on these little rascals. If you have the appearance of a thug, you must not receive the air of a gentleman. For their action shows that they are a bunch of butts of taunts ill-bred by bullies. As a human being though he can’t be said to be infallible thus, he has his flaws and mistakes. I believe the likes of Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami are certainly a blessing to humanity and the nation as a whole.

I’m not flattering but trying to create a good image for him because “whoever protects the integrity of his brother, God will protect his face from the punishment of the hell fire,” says the Prophet (peace be upon him). Though as the saying goes “appearance refers more to the dress and other external” showings yet, when a man has the characteristics of pious men, he should receive the air of a gentleman. There is no reason for anyone to humiliate this blessing called Isa Ali Pantami just because he is serving under the government you despise with passion or you have been in a collision with.


Pantami was called upon based on merit to serve his fatherland and to contribute his quota towards the development of this nation. Thus, he must not reject any call to serve his nation under any legitimate government or political party because he has the prerequisites and the wherewithal to make the difference. Should he reject an appointment to serve his country, I will be the first person to publicly criticize him. And no one has the moral right to challenge him just because he accepted to serve under Buhari’s government.


You must agree with me that the appointment needs him more than he needs the appointment because Buhari needs people like him to help him turn things around. Believe me or not, the Sheikh will live his life comfortably without being in the government payroll.


When the leader of Kwankwasiyya movement, Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso was booed sometime in 2018, at one Juma’at mosque in Kaduna, we were extremely unhappy with that ugly development, and we squarely condemned that stupidity. Leaders must be respected irrespective of party affiliation or religious inclination hence it’s against the tenets of the two leading and recognised religions to attack a leader or publicly boo him. Nowadays, respect for elders, religious leaders and political leaders has completely vanished in our society all because of this madness called politics.


Politicians must warn their followers to refrain from insulting, booing or attacking their political opponents. If these absurdity and imbecility is allowed to continue, it will not auger well for the entire nation. At the eve of 2019 election, religious leaders were insulted; royal fathers were ridiculed; elders were abused and political leaders were booed and attacked. All these embarrassing events are depicting us as well as the entire country in a negative picture, and is telling the whole world that some of us have degenerated into stark raving mad people.


Finally, I do hope Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami will continue to emulate our noble Prophet (peace be upon), pardon these deviants who deviated so much from the straight path, and ask the Almighty God to guide them towards His path.


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