Sharada: An issue of Nigeria politics

Sharada: An issue of Nigeria politics


Sharada: An issue of Nigeria politics 

By Nura Ali Babia


Individual initiatives, competence, capabilities and  level of reasoning make people what they are. As  they put in their best in whatever endeavour they under take, they leave no stone unturned and  therefore became achievers in life.

They look far into their future as they lay sound  foundation and work toward the realization of their ambitious  and goals. Dedication,  self-control and self-comportment are the watch words of such individuals. They are  principled, determine and unassuming. So many of them are available in every segment of our society but only vary few of them are identifiable.

Those  identified could be due to their individual immense contributions  to  their societies.  At every point in time and at any critical moment, they are conspicuously ready to offer solution to the situations at hand and, definitely their efforts always pay off

There are people who are influenced by spirit of patriotism and can relate with any Nigerian of any background. Such people are dutiful, resourceful, creative and result oriented. Such people are respected in their home states and the nation at large.

Among such Nigerians in this generation is Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada member of federal house of representative from Kano municipal. Sharada is  being regarded by many Nigerians as a highly intelligent and hardworking gentleman who loves  challenges which he has always faced with boldness and  conquered with ease.  The vibrant law maker has a pedigree of excellent achievements in the realms of intellectualism, high quality political participation and business.

Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharadais is  a simple man who never lived  a flamboyant and materialistic life. The law maker is concerned with socio-economic transformation of ordinary man. This he does by empowering artisans to acquire more skills as well as giving them take off grants to enable them establish fully to attain financial independence.

As a Young man, these noble qualities have not only endeared  him to a lot of Nigerians, but has become sources of inspirations to most of his political associates within and out side Kano state.

The good work  Sha, aban is doing  has attracted international recognition to the extent of becoming a subject of discussions  in some international for a. Is there any wonder therefore that an international democracy mobilization campaign fascinatingly describe him as a fighter and a winner in the struggle to institutionalizing impressive politics in Nigeria?

Sha’aban’s  public life has been driven by the desire to better the lot of the society. His work is to engender a society  where  the wealthy and strong are protected as well as guarantee  a system where the weak can  find peace and encouragement to excel in their endeavours.  Sha’aban’s  closed associates  attest to these  quality  of  truth, fairness, equity, justice and common goods.  like Americans revolutionary fighter and first president Gen. George Washington who gave his heart and soul for the liberation of his people .

To be precise, ones attention about  Sha’abanis lies in  the way he embraces and invest heavily in young people. To be honest,  most of our politicians use youth as pawns for achieving political  interest and sorrowfully relegated them to the back grounds them to after winning elections. But amazingly this trend that has been normalized in our politics is an alien to Sha’aban politics.

The common trend is if you want to be part of Sha’aban sharada politics journey go to school.

Rep Sharada is a man of high integrity. His words is his honour. He is fearless in the face of intimidation and threat to personal safety. His mission has been and still the defense of the superiority of the law and the social contact for public good, public treasury entrusted to his watch .

It is our prayer always that these revolutionary changes will renew your effort toward fast tracking democratic dividends to our people.

As the whole state is watching your focus and democratic practices, it has  beacons  your duty  to ensure that the tenants of democracy are sustained in the state for a future democratic development.

I am confident that the trust placed in you by men and  women shall lead the state on the path of greatness pros evilly peace and progress.   simplicity and pitying he has no reason to pretend and they too had no reason to deceive him. Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharadawas regarded by many Nigerians as a bridge builder diplomatic, liberal, flexible and  open  minded politician who always respect other point of view.

Rep. Sha’abanhas no reason to develop cold or cold over his genuine aspiration to lead the state.


Sir you should also try hard to help northern Governors to regain ownership of new Nigerians newspaper. In fact you have chances of  helping  Radio Nigeria Kaduna which superficially seems to be giant but a giant in the sun.

The radio house actually needs a lot of your kind attention in order to improve greatly. I would actually urge you to ensure more federal Government attention to “daily times” newspapers which for decades has  immensely and grossly contributed to socio economic and politics development of this Africa most populous nation, the federal Republic of Nigerians. I am aware that all the aforementioned are not directly answerable to your office but, you can influence decision on them .

In addition  I am disturbed whenever I see our boys wondering the streets whenever universities are on strikes. Here again, you need to do something.

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