COVID-19: Kano experiences effect of mass sensitisation

Sabon-Gari: Residents comply with COVID-19 directive


Sabon-Gari: Residents comply with COVID-19 directive 


By Patrick O. Onu 


Total compliance is seen to be the order in SabonGari, a suburb of Kano metropolis as directed by the State Government to checkmate the wide- spread of Corona virus.

Already, the popular Luxury Bus Park along Tudun Wada by New Road, have been closed as the entrance and exit gates keyed in, in observance of the order since 27th of March.


Also, most of the night clubs and other social gatherings have been reduced to the barest minimum as most of those who patronise such places are afraid of its contamination and spread.


Fridays and Sundays, usually a very busy day for the religious faithful are now seen to be different days altogether for both adherents of the faiths (Christians and Muslims) who are more prepared now to observe their prayers at home instead of the mosques or churches.


Going round the area last Friday and Sunday, this reporter noticed a low turnout of the faithful from both sides.


Speaking with this paper, the Amir (Chairman of Youth) Akhbarudeen Mosque along New Road, explained: “We usually gave out sanitizers to members whenever we congregate and equally keep distance among ourselves during observation of prayers.”


He further noted: “We always make sure that our water for abolition is safe and clean.”


Giving further explanations and other approaches adopted so far by his organisationHabib said “before now they only made us of one of the three entrance gates of the Mosque, but by the outbreak of the pandemic, the three gates are now fully open for the worshippers, while the number of hours observed for the prayers have been reduced from 1pm – 2pm to 1pm – 1:30pm.


On his part, the presiding Pastor of Assemblies of God’s Church, Noman’s Land, (aka Solution Centre), Pastor Samuel Eze noted that God is a Lover of Nigeria and Nigerians. According to him, the measures adopted by his church are: provision of sanitizers and washing of hands, to social distancing. Others include reducing of hours of service to stepping down some of the activities.


This, Pastor Eze noted, is purely in obedience and observance of the government directive as part of their effort to curtail the spread of the virus.


He warned that this no time to politicise the pandemic issue, while advising the citizenry to intensify prayers and cooperate with the authorities at all levels of governance.

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