Rann attack: Thousands flee into Cameroon

Rann attack: Thousands flee into Cameroon


Rann attack: Thousands flee into Cameroon

 From Nana Muhammad, Maiduguri  

Thousands of people have fled Rann in Northeast Nigeria following recent violent attack on the town, according to a statement by Medecins Sans Frontieres and made available to newsmen in Maiduguri.

The statement indicated that as at yesterday, fleeing residents have started arriving by foot in Bodo, Cameroon, some seven kilometres across the border from Rann.

The statement read in part: “Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) staff have started providing assistance in Bodo. A team consisting of medical and logistical staff have been distributing food and water, and are providing emergency medical care.”

People who have fled an attack on Rann, Nigeria, found shelter under a tree after arriving in Bodo, Cameroon, 15 January 2019, said MSF.

“Our team in Bodo estimates that some 8,000 people arrived yesterday and we expect several thousand more may come today,” said Hugues Robert, MSF Programme Manager for Nigeria.

“We are preparing to assist 15,000 people with food, water and medical care over the coming days. Many people were in a state of shock and were clearly distressed by what they had witnessed. Now they have lost all that they have and need absolutely everything,” It added.

Raan attack: Thousands flee into Cameroon

Near Bodo, people have spent one night outdoors as there are no shelters. There are children and many breastfeeding and pregnant women among them.

In Rann, many parts of the town were burnt, including houses and shelters.  The market and food stores were also destroyed. The MSF warehouse, office and pharmacy were looted and burnt to the ground. Empty boxes of medical supplies were lying scattered on the ground outside.

“This is truly devastating for the people in Rann”, says Robert, “they suffer endless violence

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