Prostitute abandons baby in restaurant, sublimes

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Prostitute abandons baby in restaurant, sublimes 

By Patrick Onu 


Wonders they say, will never end. This was exactly the scenario in Sabon-Gari, an area in Kano metropolis. Recently a free lady had approached a make-shift restaurant operator along New Road for food.

According to the food vendor who simply gave her name as Mrs. Tessy: “The unknown prostitute came in and demanded for food which was served for her, and after eating, she paid and excused me with her baby boy in order to enable her make some purchases just across the road. When I took the baby from her, she gently walked across the opposite direction and that was all I can say for now,” she explained.

Inside investigation launched by this paper reveals that the lady in question usually patronised one of the public hubs along the New Road, but her identity could not be ascertained at the moment. Mrs. Tessy, a mother of two who hails from Plateau state, was seen pampering the baby boy who equally was in good health when this paper visited the restaurant.

When asked about the difficulty of taking care of the already two children, restaurant and of course, family she stated: “God is the giver of child, remember that many wealthy families are earnestly looking for the fruits of the womb,” she continues, “money cannot buy a child so, I was touched as a mother to take proper care of this baby because no one knows tomorrow; what he would be, I will continue to take proper care of this baby the way I will also take care of my own children,” Tessy further called on parents to always monitor the movements and types of friends their children keep.

Prostitute abandons baby in restaurant, sublimes 

According to some people in the area, the said lady is not up to 20 years old. They maintained that before the incident, she usually visited the public joint in the area where she normally handed over the baby to anyone on sight to enable her exercise free time with her customers

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