Perspective on Osinbajo saga 

Perspective on Osinbajo saga

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Nigerians have differed in thoughts about the problems surrounding the Presidency in respect of what appeared to have been working for or against Osinbajo in the on-going controversy.

Perspective on Osinbajo saga 


By Mansir Lawal Kaware


On one hand, it is seen as a statement casually being made to the effect that wonders shall never end, that a lawyer, pastor and Vice President of the country could be accused of such wrong doing that has to do with government finances particularly under President Buhari.

It would be a situation that is repeating itself as was the case between Atiku and Obasanjo also during the second tenure of the then PDP administration in Nigeria.

This issue of conflict between President and Vice President or that of Governor and Deputy Governor has been a disturbing issue to the polity.

Sometimes, the victims survive impeachment attempt while at some other times they fall into the ditch. In all cases, especially those of Vice Presidents they fought very hard going by the hurdles Atiku crossed during their tenure and seeing how Osinbajo offered to waive-off his immunity to defend his case.

On the other hand, there are those Nigerians who saw the whole saga as a political game plan against the Vice President so as to scuttle his supposedly political interest of contesting for the number one seat in the country that is to say office of the President.

Under this school of thought, the Vice President’s troubles are allegedly seen as the handiwork of Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu who is equally figured as having an interest in that seat.

Some of the Yaruba commentators and thinkers felt Tinubu may not be comfortable with Osinbajo having come from the same state and a serving Vice President because he could have an advantage over him outside the Yoruba region.

Even in the Yoruba land, as Vice President, he can have an edge over Tinubu in terms of support especially that the Federal Government’s social intervention programmes have been under his control.

Although there are denials from various quarters, the response of Tinubu through his media aide has shown that the smoke coming out must have originated from a burning fire inside the room even if it is that of a Bunsen Burner.

The fact that he said Osinbajo was free to contest for the office of the President as a Nigerian is a proof that Tinubu camp has acknowledged the interest of the Vice President in that office. The Tinubu media aide went further to say Osinbajo is Tinubu’s boy and would not stand in his way (Osinbajo) to contest the election.

Although some of the commentators view the statement as disrespectful to refer to the Vice President of a country like Nigeria as somebody’s boy, the fact simply confirms that the duo of Tinubu and Osinbajo are in tango over the number one driving seat of the country. Be what it may, for those of us looking at it from the other end, two things are certain that both of them are not only qualified, but “eminently” qualified to contest for the seat, to borrow from the tribunal judgment over the PDP challenge on the right of Buhari to stand for election.

Vice President YemiOsinbajo is a Professor of Law, who bagged the title of SAN, a Pastor, a Lagos State Commissioner of Justice for eight years and serving Vice President in the second tenure of the APC Buhari administration extending from the first tenure rolling into the second term.

By this, one could be convinced that he knows the country well enough to steer it in leadership position as President.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu being referred to as the National Leader of the APC is also well positioned to lead the country going by his political antecedents and experience.

He has been at the upstairs of the political game since the NRC, SDP days,way back in the late 1980s, and early 1990s in Lagos State and the Western Region.

He was a two-term Governor of Lagos State when Osinbajo served as Commissioner of Justice under him for the two tenures of 1999 – 2007.

He was believed to have installed Fashola as the Governor of Lagos State from 2007 – 2015, Ambode from 2015 – 2019 and Sanwo-Olu from May, 2019 to date.

Tinubu has a hand in the election of many Governors and other political office holders in the South–West Region and a giraffe in some states outside his region.

Perspective on Osinbajo saga 


Many Ministers received his blessings to be appointed and Chief Executives of federal parastatals; we may also not be wrong if we say his influence is responsible for some appointments within the security agencies. The way he troubled Dr. Bukola Saraki to the end of his tenure as Senate President and APC National Chairman Odige-Oyegun and sent Lai Mohammed to Kwara with due respect to dislodge Bukola Saraki of all political relevance and the way he engineered the emergence of Ahmed Lawan and Femi Gbajabiamila as current Senate President and Speaker House of Representatives is enough evidence that Tinubu is indeed, a hard nut to crack when it comes to political gambling.

This has made him to be fit for the tug of war even though he has not served as Vice President of the country in his political history.

More so, one can even say Tinubu is the Vice President in spirit, because that seat was given to him by Buhari, but because of the Muslim-Muslim ticket brouhaha he had to concede it to Osinbajo.

But it was clearly stated by Buhari that he gave the slot to Tinubu and it was Tinubu who in turn gave the ticket to Osinbajo.

Under this circumstance, it is now a matter of Tinubu saying give me back what I gave you, while those with Osinbajo are saying he who the cap fits should be allowed to wear it, since he now knows the country better in the art of governance on a wider spectrum.

We, however, want to caution that plucking the fruits of a mango tree could better be done carefully to avoid damage.

If the branches of the mango tree are shaken, there is the likelihood that the fruits could be scattered outside the fringes of its fence and someone by the road side may end up picking the ripe mango fruit without labouring for it.

More so, the APC is not operating a zoning or rotational system of Presidential position between the North and South or between one geo-political zone to the other; what then informed them that the slot is for the South, SouthWest or Lagos State, let alone start to direct their arrows at each other.

Another point is that, this war is too early to start.

An internal battle for 2023 starting in the first quarter of the governing APC’s four years tenure of the Buhari second term is not encouraging.

It is likely to drag backwards the effort of the administration to ginger the development of the country.

Its spillover could also affect the states because they may end up abandoning their primary assignments due to the fight of identification.

Kaware wrote in from Katsina State

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