Nasarawa: Influx of quack doctors another medical calamity

Nasarawa: Influx of quack doctors another medical calamity

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Nasarawa: Influx of quack doctors another medical calamity 

From Suleiman Lawal Lafia 


Investigation showed that the influx of quack doctors has continued to generate concern in Nasarawa State as many lives were wasted in the hands of those unprofessional health workers.


Recent event was one of such quacks who carried out an operation on a corps member serving in Adogi, Lafia Local Government Area.


The corps member was allegedly put to coma for many days following the operation.


Our findings also revealed that the NYSC member was allegedly at the process of aborting her two-to-three-month old pregnancy after taking some pills for abortion where she lost so much blood.


The Triumph further gathered that 50 out of 100 per cent of clinics in the state were allegedly being managed by quack doctors.

The situation exposed many lives of citizens in danger.


On the other hand, government should do the needful to checkmate the activities of quack doctors to save people’s lives before the situation gets out of place.


Investigation confirmed that government refusal to motivate state ministry of health to conduct quarterly monitoring and evaluation of authentic and genuine hospital and clinics operating in the state.


The multiple numbers of these clinics are allegedly cited in Karu, Keffi, Mararraba, Nyanya and Karshi all in Keffi Senatorial District as a result of its proximity to the Federal Capital Territory without checkmating their activities since 2018 to date.


Another sad situation occurred at Rutu in Doma Local Government Area where a seven-year-old child got infected with HIV virus after blood transmission at a  private clinic leaving the family members in a state of confusion.


Efforts to see who are responsible for regulating the establishment and supervision of setting a private clinic proved abortive.

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