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Karaye Emir imposes test before marriage


The Emir of Karaye, Alhaji (Dr.) Ibrahim Abubakar II has imposed couple’s premarital test across the emirate with immediate effect. 

Karaye Emir imposes test before marriage

By Alhassan Abba Yankatsari

The Emir announced this in reaction to the recent request made by the religious groups in the Emirate demanded for the enforcement of such a law as presented by the Magajin Gari of Karaye to the Emir in his palace. 

Dr. Abubakar II said the enforcement is timely considering the high risk of spreading dangerous diseases among couples.

The Emir emphasised that HIV and Hepatitis tests must be conducted on couples before marriage across the Emirate.

He enjoined parents and Imams in the emirate to strictly adhere to the new policy, according to Haruna Gunduwawa, the spokesperson of the Emirate.

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