KACRAN condemns violence, kidnappings, killings in Nigeria 

KACRAN condemns violence, kidnappings, killings in Nigeria


KACRAN condemns violence, kidnappings, killings in Nigeria 

From Sani Gazas Chinade, Damaturu 


The national president of the Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN), Alhaji Khalil Muhammad Bello, has condemned in unmistakable terms, any act of violence, kidnapping and brutal killings of innocent Nigerians in Sokoto and other parts of the country.


In a statement signed and issues by the president of the association, which was made available to The Triumph in Damaturu, Yobe State capital recently, it said: “We painfully observed that a lot of heinous crimes used to be committed in our dear nation, and mostly linked with pastoralists in the Northern states or in the country at large.

“That was why we want to make our position abundantly clear that, there is nothing more important, lovable or interesting to us than peace and unity between herders and farmers and among all Nigerian citizens.”

According to him, they want to bring it to  the notice of all Nigerians and to the world in general that, they are  against all sort of violence in whatever form be it that of armed robbery, cattle rustling, kidnapping, barbaric fighting between the nation’s communities or worth of all killings of innocent people who have nothing to do with all sort of violence.

“There is nothing more rejectable or condemnable than any criminal act of stealing people’s or government’s properties, fighting amongst Nigerians, on baseless ground, cattle rustling, kidnapping or killings fellow Nigerians.

“KACRAN will never accept any reason no matter what, of why people would commit the above mentioned criminal acts,” said Bello.

“We wonder why any reasonable people would form a group or gang in the name of perpetrating crimes in their fatherland with a view of making money or revenging any communal or religious suspected killings of their brothers.

“We also see no reason why, people would purposefully form a group or groups with a view of kidnapping human beings for demanding ransom from their relatives, as well as cattle stealing or rustling.

“At the same time, we are objecting the wanton intermittent clashes between farmers and herders happening occasionally in most part of this country, which resulted with unnecessary killings of innocent people.

“More so, Kulen strongly condemns and calls for immediate stoppage of any sort of attack on our cities and villages in some parts of this country, which severally caused heavy casualties or deaths of innocent people for no any acceptable cause except barbarism and high degree of irresponsiveness,” he added.

The statement also strongly warned pastoralists in the nation to stop reckless cattle rearing or destroying people’s farms in the process of rearing their animals, adding that if it happened to be that they entered into somebody’s farm and destroyed his crops whether intentionally or not let them pay compensation to that particular farmer to the tune of what they destroyed.

KACRAN condemns violence, kidnappings, killings in Nigeria 

“At the same time, we call on our security operatives to fish them out and deal with them squarely. We also call on Nigeria’s law enforcement agents  to do anything humanly possible to end  all sort of violence, armed robbery, cattle rustling, human kidnapping and killings of innocent people in the country, without any rhyme or reason,” he suggested.

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