Jifatu: An entrepreneur of repute

Jifatu advocates for attitudinal change for better development


Jifatu advocates for attitudinal change for better development

By Our Reporter


A renowned business mogul based in Kano, Alhaji Sabitu Muhammad Jifatu, has urged the people of the nation to wake up and change their orientation in order to collectively save the society from collapse.

He said the country is blessed with abundant human resources in the academia, industries, banking, agriculture and business circles, whose potentials, if harnessed well, could turn around the fortune of the nation.

Alhaji Jifatu, who disclosed this to newsmen in Kano, recently, noted that there are educated and technocrats who have attained various qualifications either in the country or abroad.

According to him, recommendations and suggestions were made by such people with the aim at helping the policy makers, private investors, business men and women

and other concerned citizens of the nation on how to improve the socio-economic and political development of the country.

The business mogul queried that: “Do we really apply these teachings, theories and recommendations into our own system as dictated by practical realities? If yes, why do things still remain the same? If no, why?”

He said: “It is high time we face the truth by being practical in applying solutions towards solving our social, political and economic challenges.”

He said, political experts should come out and speak to people in public, rather than making recommendations on paper and filing them away on library shelves, adding that they should constantly design programs that would showcase beneficial and positive aspects of contemporary politics.

He called on the citizens of the country to borrow a leaf from the functional systems of developed societies, who invested heavily in science and technology so as to revitalize the nation’s educational and industrial sectors.

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