Jaafar Jaafar: The Kwankwaso-Ganduje proxy war

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Since Jaafar Jaafar lit the tinderbox that set the country’s political landscape afire with the release of the video clips allegedly showing Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje receiving a $5 million bribe, I and, perhaps, numerous other dispassionate and maturely critical analysts, have waited patiently to hear or read about the original, decades-old, no-love-lost relationship between the two dramatis persona – Ganduje and Jaafar, which should constitute a vital factor in passing a dispassionate judgement over the matter.

The hullabaloo has continued to rage on with all debates taking the rather unfair course of determining Kadimul Islam’s culpability in the matter. This is a glaring expression of examining the disease, not its symptoms. And this is a very unfortunate expression of immature examination of a very delicate issue bordering on the enviably upright political persona of Ganduje.

The raging anti-Ganduje bribery video clips saga is symptomatic of the intense hatred Jaafar nurses against Ganduje for decades, which has continued to blight his ability to see anything good about Kadimul Islam’s posturing on the political affairs of Kano State, and the Governor’s upright system of administering the state according to needs and aspirations of the Kanawa.

Jaafar’s intense phobia for Ganduje is a glaring expression of the more intense phobia, his master, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, whom he served as Special Assistant on Media, has for Ganduje over Kwankwaso’s waning popularity and relevance in the political affairs of Kano State, a situation that climaxed with the defeat of Kwankwaso at the recent senatorial primary election.

Kwankwaso has always been severely pained by his ever-weakening grip of the politics of Kano, his fall from the lofty heights of relevance as an erstwhile Juggernaut politically bestriding the state like a colossus, deciding who becomes what in the state, whether it accords with the existing needs and aspirations if the state or not, and no dares object.

Kwankwaso has just lost a presidential primary election, and even the Kano Central senatorial primary election, which implies that in just less than a year ahead he will cease to be anything in Nigeria. For all these predicaments, his finger of accusation is firmly pointed at Ganduje. He is st pains to realise the universal fact that what goes up must one day come down. With an apparent fire if vengeance raging in his mind, he has apparently vowed to deal with Ganduje, perhaps in the most ruthless manner possible.

He, therefore, apparently deployed his weaponry and troops for the battle against Ganduje, to ensure that Kadimul Islam’s towering personality also crumbles to the level of ignominy. These troops include his ‘extremely loyal’ SSA Media, Jaafar Jaafar.

One would, therefore, implore the public to please look towards the direction of Jaafar fighting a proxy war between Kwankwaso and Ganduje.

This proxy-war argument sources sufficient credibility from the timing of the release of the video clips to the public – Jaafar himself confessed that he had been in possession of the clips for long, and only deemed fit to release them now. But why now? Why did he have to wait until his Oga lost the presidential and senatorial primaries and virtually lost his grip on the PDP in Kano, implying that he is fast sinking into political obscurity, before he released them.

The public also seems to have lost sight of the the social media which offers a hundred-percent flexibility for its user to create  ‘a truth’ or ‘a falsehood’, depending on the purpose intended to be achieved.

Is Jaafar, the online journalist, not fighting a proxy war for Kwankwaso?


Shamsu S H wrote in from Gwammaja, Kano

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  1. Alhamdulillah! You have not dispute or even questioned the credibility of the video clips. In fact, your argument coincidentally confirmed the videos.
    However, your piece is inspiring.

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