Insecurity: Need for traditional leaders’ involvement


As a trained graduate of Public Administration from Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, I took a course titled “Traditional Administrative Systems in Nigeria. I want to use the experience and knowledge gathered from that course to air my views on the subject matter objectively and in a balanced manner.

Nigeria is spectacularly sick in many ways than one. Insecurity remains the most challenging problem of mankind despite humanity’s outstanding and unsurpassed advancement in the field of science and technology, the world has been moving from one form of horrendous crime to another such as kidnapping, militancy, assassinations, gansterism and of course the raging insurgency in dimensions hitherto to unknown in Nigeria, become the order of the – day that have taken over our national discourse.

The traditional rulers are the gatekeepers of any society and also the catalyst for – socio economic development and the custodian of culture and values and also served as political symbol of unity and power.

The late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo described Nigeria as “ a mere geographic expression” it exists  only on paper, and not in the consciousness of our people. Nigerian are more committed to their respective regions, religions and tribes than the nation. The national anthem is a verse-in-pretension.

The Shakespeare described security in Macbeth as “mortals Chiefest enemy” The matter of security is therefore too serious an issue to be left solely in the hands of security men and women alone. It is the preserve of all and sundry responsibilities, because the aggregate of individual, institutional and national environmental security adds up to the sum total of collective and corporate security of the nation. Nigeria not being able to meet the United Nation’s requirement which is one policeman to 400 people. The number we have now is grossly inadequate and this little number we have are attached to politicians and other government officials.

Therefore involving traditional institution in security procedures is very vital to any country because they are more relevant in ensuring peace, stability and wellbeing of every given society and also play a vital role in nation building in the contemporary Nigeria situation from the local to federal level.

The 1999 constitution traditional rulers are not even represented in the council of state. But the wording of the 1989 constitution with respect to the council of chief is exactly the same as 1979 constitution.

The failure of security agencies to respond appropriately to the conventional security expectations of the people is not only a sign of weakness but the failure of Nigeria as a nation.

In addition the Nigeria population is increasing to thunderous 3% per an nun as result of that the internal security of this country in the digital century can be improved by involving the traditional rulers in security matters because most occupants of traditional stools in this present 21st century are highly qualified and experienced personalities whose wealth of knowledge is a great asset for development purposes is not in doubt and they know who comes in and goes out their domains and also understand the requirement of their domains and also in the maintenance of law and order in their domain.

Therefore the role of traditional rulers in the security procedures in this present day Nigeria can’t be over emphasized.

My humble advice to the National Assembly is to enact laws which will fully involve the traditional rulers in security procedures of Nigeria because by so doing it will minimize the security problem across our mother land.

Shuni wrote in from Shuni in Sokoto State

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