In Zamfara: NLC dismayed over governors’ stance on minimum wage

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Zamfara State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has lent deaf ears to the stance of the nation’s governors on N22, 500 minimum wage as announced in a communique signed by the Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF) chairman, Governor Abdul’aziz Yari Abubakar.

The state NLC chairman, Comrade Bashir Muhammad Mafara has in a swift reaction said the state chapter of the NLC was not answerable to the NGF.

Briefing The Triumph at the state council press center, Comrade Mafara said as far as labour issue was concerned; the only body he could listen to was the national headquarters of the congress, not the NGF.

Mafara said he was deeply disappointed that even the N18, 000 minimum wage was still hanging as an elusive hope in the state, when the issue has already become a history in some other states, he added.

He described it as a very sad circumstance and disappointing experience when the government was still pulling strings with workers over the already elapsing N18, 000 minimum wage.

“As far as I am still aware, the struggle for N30, 000 minimum wage still remains,” he stated, adding that the November 6 ultimatum for the nationwide strike was still in force.


Mafara said the union remains committed to follow the directives of its national headquarters which has mandated a nationwide strike to commence on Tuesday.


He said the stance of the NGF was not for the good of Nigerian workers whom he said were going through difficult times at the moment.


“After the governors meeting Tuesday, Bayelsa and Jigawa State governors came out and said they are going to pay N30, 000 and I am sure many governors will follow suit to say they will pay N30, 000,” he said.


The NLC chairman chided Governor Yari, who is the chairman of the NGF for announcing that they were going to pay N22, 500, while his state government is yet to fully implement the N18, 000 minimum wage.

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