In support of Karaye Emirate

In support of Karaye Emirate


In support of Karaye Emirate

By Muhammad Bashir (Junior) 


Recently, the present administration in Kano State under the leadership of Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has decentralized the state Emirate into four new first class ones.

The new development was perceived by many as a move to give room for more development to the newly created Emirates, including Karaye.

Down to memory lane, similar exercise was conducted by former governor of the state, late Alhaji Muhammadu Abubakar Rimi, but later revoked by his immediate successor, late Alhaji Sabo Bakin Zuwo.

Karaye Local Government Area, the headquarters of Karaye Emirate, has the population of 144,000 according to 2006 census statistics with land mass of 479m2(185sqmi) mostly cultivated land.

Although it was difficult to state the exact period of Karaye Emirate’s evolution, historical sources showed that it was founded in the 11th Century, making it to be as old as Kano Emirate.

For quite a long time, Karaye was named ‘Kyauren Yammawa,’ which means the defence of Kano Emirate from west, because it had very strong warriors and well experienced fighters that could not be defeated.

The Emirate was blessed with largest dam in the state – the Challawa Gorge Dam – built between 1990 and 1992, with 42m height and 7.8km in length. The dam has the storage capacity of 904,000,000m3.

It was designed with the potential for hydro power generation in mind, and has a capacity of 3MW on average more in the raining season. If properly utilized, the dam could be used for irrigation and reduce unemployment not only to Karaye Emirate but the state in general.

There is also another called Kusalla Dam designed to provide portable water to residents of the area, which may be expanded to other local government areas under the Emirate.

It is also a known fact that one of best NYSC Camps in the nation is in Karaye Emirate.

Therefore, the creation of Karaye Emirate will expand and increase the development and provision of social amenities to commoners.

Although I am not an indigene of Karaye by birth, but my local government area of origin falls under the new Emirate.

My contact with Karaye started some years back during my undergraduate days, when I stayed at the residence of the former commissioner of information in the state, late Engineer Bashir Karaye, Makaman Karaye, may his soul rest in perfect peace.

I can vividly recall, during my stay in the house, that I was regarded as a member of the family, and whenever there was celebration there, like durbar, I used to follow the entourage to witness the occasion.

I enjoyed same gesture after Bashir Karaye’s demise, when his younger brother, Alhaji Kabiru Shehu, Makaman Karaye, took over the affairs of the family.

 Bashir (Junior) wrote in this piece from Sharada Quarters in Kano city.


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