ICT is barrier to youth

ICT is barrier to youth


ICT is barrier to youth 

 By Azeezat Bashir 


information Communication and Technology (ICT) has increased dramatically as a result of the present impressive advance in Science.

The internet and the mobile phones for instance, have indeed reduced the whole world to a global village and given birth to social media.

Social media themselves have made it possible for anyone to instantly keep abreast with happenings around the world.

But many people are worried that a lot of youth use social media in various negative ways that tend to ultimately increase the challenges they face in life. First, internet chatting and dating have become common among youths; they spend valuable time in internet cafes or their smart phones thinking that “luck” will come their ways.

The time wasted in this way could have been spent on studying and helping their parents with house chores. Another effect of social media is the easy access to pornography.

Many youth spend hours watching pornography; this has inevitable effect of corrupting their minds and leading to bad attitudes. Bashir is a student of Bayero University, Kano on internship with The Triumph

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