Hon. Ken-Ken: Epitome of quintessential and true democratic leadership 

Hon. Ken-Ken: Epitome of quintessential and true democratic leadership


Hon. Ken-Ken: Epitome of quintessential and true democratic leadership 

By Musa Diso 


When the righteous and honest people are in authority, the masses rejoice, but when the heartless corrupt, arrogant and greedy are in place, they groan and become weary.

In fact, it is wisdom for the privileged people to know that even the citizens below the ladder have some measures of responsibilities to perform.

It is an unassailable fact that the purpose of electing a representative during a democratic era is purposely for him to help serve his own electorates as expected of him by providing true dividends of democracy which will be beneficial to all irrespective of religious or ethnic inclination.

But the facade of true leadership has changed drastically considering the current monotonous and unfortunate trend of leaders who are unable to see beyond their noses; they have for long forgotten about their electorates. They share constituency allowance for personal use.

They relocate from one hotel to the other running away from their masses, just as others move about in state of the art cars wearing tinted glasses so as not to be spotted by the electorates. In fact, these few mentioned bad attributes of some of our politicians are so far more or less turning our democracy into dictatorship or milito-political dimension. If not urgently checked and changed will worsen things.

In fact, as at today, a very good example of a politician who is honest, philanthropic and generous has a good ‘heart to go with and under whom his electorates rejoice by witnessing as well the true dividends of democracy.

The person who the cap fits, is no one else than the member representing Gwale Constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Lawan Abudllahi Ken-Ken.

He was an excellent civil servant cum great politician, who is equally an astute security officer widely respected because of his values of hard work and straight forwardness. Another good attributes of the transparent legislator is that Hon. Ken-Ken never deceives in order to fulfill self-seeking goals.

In fact, since his election in 2015 to date, he still keeps enlivening his vision and focus and has met the yearnings and aspirations of his electorates. He is a politician with depth of knowledge on how various human talents could be harnessed and put to use so as to achieve the desired goal. He is also a consummate leader who believes in calling a spade a spade.

A prominent politician, a former chairman, Alhaji Sani Danzara from the area and an ardent supporter of the legislator, described Hon. Ken-Ken as a visionary, highly respected politician with unbiased and outright commitment and determination who always aims at satisfying the yearnings and aspiration of his electorates irrespective of religious or ethnic variations, and with this, he really deserves support again come 2023.

To Alhaji Umaru Yusuf Umar Kashe Kwabo, former Managing Director of Kano Zoological Garden, and presently, chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC), Gwale Local Government Area, described Ken-Ken as a popular politician and a friend to the masses.

“He is an extrovert and at the same time, vocal. He has never been a bench warmer on the floor of the House but rather remains one who is an active debater and motion sponsor and co-sponsor on issues of progress not only to his constituency alone but rather for the overall development of the state and the nation in general,” said Kashe Kobo.

It is one of the reasons why his name has become a household name in all the nooks and crannies of the fastest developing local government area. In fact, another thing worthy of mentioning about the easy going and humble legislator is that, he has a lot of respect and admiration among the youths and elders of his constituency. This is really connected to the very way he represents them and he does still carry himself with an aura of hope, peace, humility and hand reaching out to all.

Today, the visionary Ken-Ken is a great achiever unequalled who stands high on the threshold of history among men that succeeded in engraving their names, because he provided projects to the door steps of his electorate, sponsored many youths to study courses of their choice in different tertiary institutions as well as empowered thousands of the aged, youths and women not only within his constituency, but far and near.

In fact, with his leadership style, I am appealing to other politicians to emulate him, being a hot and persuasive debater who remains a quintessential ambassador and epitome of true democratic leadership.

In fact, his name would be inscribed in golden letter for prosperity and history, since he has justified and proven his mettle. He is just like a dissertation for a higher degree.

Diso is a freelance journalist based in Kano.

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