Hisbah invites American woman, Kano lover

Hisbah invites American woman, Kano lover


Hisbah invites American woman, Kano lover

– As father gives condition

By Abdulyassar Abdulhamid 


The Kano State Sharia law enforcement agency, Hisbah, on Saturday invited an American woman, Jeanine Delsky, and her Kano lover, Sulaiman Isa, to their office for questioning.


The 46-year-old American mother of 2, Jeanine Delsky, had arrived at Panshekara, Kumbotso Local Government Area of Kano State, to marry her 23-year-old boyfriend she met on Instagram about a year ago.


The Triumph gathered that the two lovers first reported at the local Hisbah office at Panshekara before proceeding to the state headquarters of the agency Sartuday afternoon.


Speaking to the Triumph Sulaiman Isa said there was no cause for alarm over the invitation, as Hisbah was ready give pieces of advice and counselling, having listened to the duo.


According to him, Hisbah was convinced Jeanine Delsky has good intention, adding that he was counselled by the commission to be committed to his religion and be a good ambassador.


Jeanine Delsky and Sulaiman Isa  met on Instagram one year ago, exchanged pictures and started online courtship, The Triumph gathered.


Ms Delsky said she decided to follow her boyfriend to Kano because of her love for him.


The lovers are now set for marriage in a few months following the arrival of the American woman to Nigeria to meet her heartthrob and his family members in Kano.

Delsky, who arrived at the Panshekara residence of her online lover, said she was in Kano not only to see her heartthrob and his parents but also to declare her intention to marry him.

“I am thrilled by the hospitality and how people flocked into to welcome. We’re planning to get marriage in March this year and fly to the US where we’ll settle.

“We both have genuine felling for each other. We’re in love.I’d several online datings; but I’ve found Isa more real and sincere. I’m not only here to see him, but to express my readiness to marry him.

According to her, she decided to trace her heartthrob to Kano because of her “genuine feelings” for him, adding that she had several online dating but found Isa “more real and sincere.” The mother of two said they had both agreed to get married and fly to the US where they intend to settle, adding that she had seen  her dream coming to reality by meeting the love of her life. Sources close to the family of the man hinted that the marriage is expected to be consummated in March this year.

The young Kano lover, who is just secondary school leaver, said he has not only agreed to marry his 46-year-old lover and but also expressed his readiness to follow her to America to settle and start a family.

Speaking to newsmen earlier Friday, Malama Fatima Sulaiman, the mother of the young man, said she had no objection to her son’s relationship with the woman, adding that she would pray for them to have a happy married life in America.

Meanwhile, the young man’s father said he would report the matter to the State Security Service (SSS) before giving his consent.

Mr. Isa, a retired superintendent of police, told an online medium, Kano Focus, at his home in Panshekara yesterday that he had consented to the wedding based on four conditions.

The first condition, he said, is to seek security clearance.

“We are trying to do that, we’ll do that, we can’t do without that, we must do that. As a retired security officer, I know what I’m talking about. In fact, I’ll be seeing the SSS by Monday to tell them about the situation,” Kano focus quoted the father.

According to the report, the second condition is that his son would be allowed to further his education in the US.

He said the third condition is that Isa would maintain his adherence to the Islamic religion.

He said: “I want him to further his education and maintain his religion. No problem, maybe she may become a Muslim too,”

The final condition is that the bride-to-be must produce a written document of consent from her parents or relations as Muslims are not allowed to marry a woman on her own.

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