Governor Bala Muhammad Visit To Sule Lamido: A Case Of Political Albatross

Governor Bala Muhammad Visit To Sule Lamido: A Case Of Political Albatross


Governor Bala Muhammad visit to Sule Lamido: A case of political albatross

By: Salisu Wanzam 


The recently concluded Ward Congresses in Jigawa State has ignited a political tsunami very unique and revolutionary since the return of democracy and party politics in 1999.

The aftermath of the said Ward Congresses in which, for the first time in the history of PDP, members freely exercised their democratic right to vote candidates of their choice in the State, shows that Sule Lamido faction is on the verge of suffering a resounding defeat. In its determination to retain the status quo  by all means possible, the Former Governor has now desperately embarked on a save my sole mission to salvage his apparently collapsing political structure.

The political imbroglio has no doubt signifies the immanent collapsed of Sule’s political machinery, ushering in new inclusive political order which will eventually pave way for Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) all round successes in the next coming general election come 2023. The emerging new inclusive political order would not have been made possible in the State, but for the gross incompetency and treacherous handling of the affairs of the party by the hand-picked State Executive Committee leading to the disastrous defeat of PDP in all series of elections conducted in 2015 (Incumbency factor not withstanding) and 2019 respectively.

Consequently, we the PDP family in Jigawa must commend the disposition of the National Working Committee (NWC) of our great party, The PDP for having the courage despite all odds to side with the truth of the matter in handling the PDP crises in the State. However, in the preparation to the Local Government Party Congresses, the NWC tactically opted to be neutral by sending members with impeccable credentials to act as Caretaker Committee to man the affairs of the party for the next three months.

Desperate to salvage the Former Governor’s current political obscurity and mess, the PDP Governors forum represented by Governor of Bauchi State, Sen.Bala Muhammed had quite recently made a visitation to Bamaina the country home of Alhaji Sule Lamido expressing words of solidarity and goodwill to the former Governor. The accolades expressed are coming rather too late especially when the forum rejected the former governor’s aspiration when he was canvassing for their support to realize his Presidential ambition in 2019. It is fresh in our memory that the person of Governor Sule Lamido was openly vilified, castigated and despises by the same PDP Governors forum that had paid him the visit. Ironically the forums supported the candidature of Governor Aminu Tambuwal, a much younger politician and certainly not even a founding member of the party.

It is also an irony of life that Governor Bala Muhammed of Bauchi State, who led a troop to dislodged the incumbent APC Government in his State despite federal might and other electoral inducement, would now lead a delegation to the Former Governor, Sule Lamido who on record woefully lost elections at all levels to opposition after serving two terms in office. We then wonder what lesson, would Sen. Bala learn from his adventure to Bamaina in terms of political tutelage.

Despite many misgiving about the mission Governor Bala Muhammed delivered on behalf of the Forum, one could still be excited to assume that, the visit could not be taken for granted. It may be another ploy conceived by the forum to present Alh. Sule Lamido as the 2023 PDP presidential flag bearer, judging by geographical proximity between Bauchi and Bamaina, it is absolutely right for the Governors forum to send Governor Bala Muhammad to deliver the message. If this is correctly the situation, we members of PDP family in Jigawa want to express utmost appreciation and therefore welcome the decision by their Excellencies!

A recent write-up by one John Akubo carried by Guardian Newspaper of 26th May, 2020 is yet another failed attempt to shower up and launder the image of a leader, who hitherto had a towering political pedigree, in now a failing politician soon to be consign to the dustbin of history.

For the avoidance of doubt, history is replete with Great Party Men who had put indelible mark on the political party they belonged to, without necessarily being founding members as been propagated now! For instance, the oldest and greatest party in Africa, the African National Congress  (ANC) was formed in 1912 while the late Nelson Mendala was born in July 1918; Yet, the contributions and sacrifices made by him to the ANC was impeccable and surpassing even those of the founding members. It is now history to be reckon with that, the party defeated the obnoxious apartheid system in South Africa and Mandela became its first non-white president and nobody has ever among its founding members ever bragged of being a founding member and let alone jettisoned the contributions of others.

Coming back home, when president Obasanjo became the first PDP elected president, he was never amongst its founding members and he remained to date, the most successful PDP president. And another dimension from this is that, Late Chief Bola Ige a founding member of G.18 and G.34 was reported to have single handedly drafted the PDP constitution and its manifestos, in fact he was amongst the leading PDP intellectuals at its formation stage, but ironically left the party to formed AD before PDP won the election in 1999.

Therefore, it is not only about being a founding member of a particular political party that matters most, but it is about the positive contributions one has made  for the progress and the growth of the party. In other words, when you superintend a party into winning elections and implemented its good policies, you leave a legacy of being remembered forever. But, when you superintend a party into a woeful defeat despite being its founding member for decade then you are certainly a failed politician leaving a legacy of despondency, frustration and hopelessness.

SALISU WANZAM,Write from: kafin Hausa Local Government area, Jigawa State.

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