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Gombe PDP: Acting the Dankwambo and Nafada hidden script


The legend, Bob Marley said and I quote: “you can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time. “In a similar vein, Soren Kierkegaard says: “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.’’ Though these personalities are not Nigerian but their thoughts are strongly being practiced in Gombe state by some selfish and visionless politicians of the likes of Dankwambo and associates.

Long before the PDP primaries, lots of political pundits and astute observers of the political wave that shape the intrigues of Gombe political activities have foretold that the PDP had an arrangement that had been scripted in favour of the duo: Governor Dankwambo and Sen. Nafada, which many saw as an exchange of political shoes ahead of the 2019 dance.

It is this same you-take-my-position-and-I-take-yours arrangement that led to the denial of the most popular and masses-favoured, Dr. Jamilu Isyaku Gwamna of the PDP gubernatorial candidate ticket. Few days after the primaries, the culminating activities of the PDP have been acting out the hidden script that have become open secret to the people of Gombe who are now wiser than any time in history.

The truth is that the PDP can fool some people sometimes (especially those who feed from the injustice of the party) but they can’t fool the people of Gombe all the time as the people are now very wise as not to believe what isn’t true.

The failure of the PDP to do what is right that led to the defection of Dr. Jamilu Isyaku Gwamna (JIG) to the All Progressives Congress (APC) only enfeebles the PDP chances of victory and strengthens that of the APC ahead of 2019 general elections. It could be recalled that during the PDP primaries that was disrupted by thugs, which is widely believed to be sponsored by the enemies of Gombe state, JIG was already cruising home to victory when Sen. Nafada created a scene out of the proposed script by confronting Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, reminding him of their agreement before the duo went out of the hall for a clandestine meeting which later played out to have JIG denied of his mandate.

As part of the same script, Muhammad Ribadu had on 11th October 2018, relinquished his senatorial candidature to Governor Dankwambo. The truth of the matter is that this food has been cooked a long time ago but it is only being served now.

Only recently, Junaidu Usman Abubakar, Senior Special Assistant on Press Affairs to Governor Dankwambo, in a publication entitled: “Of Political Marauders in Gombe” ironically exposed Governor Dankwambo’s plan in a piece that was supposedly intentioned to commend his boss. He said: “I want to start by commending my boss, Gombe state governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, Talban Gombe, who has faced insistent criticisms and condemnations from these envious humans for sticking and fielding one man; the PDP gubernatorial candidate in Gombe state, Senator Bayero Usman Nafada.’’

The beauty of democracy is the power of the choice of the majority in any political settings or activities. When such power is taken from the people then what is left can be anything but democracy. Pitiably, the PDP whose middle name seems democratic isn’t democratic enough in actual practice. Junaidu Usman Abubakar said he commended his boss for “sticking and fielding one man.” This means that there was a plan which the governor stuck to. In addition, he acknowledged that there was a sharing formula. The BIG question is if there was a formula and an already written script, why would the PDP in Gombe sell nomination forms knowing full well that the governor was going to stick and field Senator Nafada?

So the PDP gubernatorial primary was a hoax by all indications. I will like to nail this on the cluelessness of those who have taken to kowtowing their persons publicly for the sake of defending injustice to justify their pay that it is not out of place to defend their boss but posterity won’t forgive them for undermining the position of Senior Special Assistant on Press Affairs to the office of a Governor to rape democracy on the pages of national dailies.

Furthermore, canvassing for a man who does almost everything on his chair and can barely walk 10km to be the next governor of a state that houses over two million people is to say the least a figment of the imagination of self-deceptive minds and an evidence of a desire that is borne out of selfishness. I don’t think the people of Gombe want a chair-ridden person who when walking, does so with aides that are always by his side for fear of a possible fall.

Similarly, the Senator is not just a physical misfit for the position of a governor he is also a visionless and poor administrator. How can a man who publicly said his manifesto is to continue with the legacy of Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo be a governor of a state that is in dire need of good governance and purpose-driven leader?

Every leader has a blueprint even though government is a continuum; so for the Senator to say he wants to continue the legacy of a governor who has failed is a testimonial of the disaster that is being planned for Gombe state using the distinguished Senator. Reiterating the Senator’s origin as a genuine man who has a village has nothing to do with politics if he cannot affect such a village with the necessary basics of living for the people of his village.

Today Nafada is ranked as one of the poorest regions in the state and yet one man is proud to be from a poverty-threatened region with all the federal might at his disposal. Show me a man who has power and cannot effect positive change in his village and I will show you a man whose people are wishing such powers had been given to the likes of Alhaji Inuwa Yahaya, the APC gubernatorial flag-bearer in Gombe state.

It was the same Nafada who accused the Dankwambo administration in the state of favouring his friends and associates with contracts and patronage to the detriment of the good people of Gombe. Nafada made this revelation in 2015 in the run-up to the 2015 general elections in the country. He said there was capital flight in Gombe; money that was supposed to be spent in Gombe was taken to somewhere outside the state because most of the contractors working in Gombe are not of Gombe origin. And now he is bragging or saying he will continue with the works Dankwambo started. It is only the fools that can wait to be deceived with such baseless utterances.

Gombe people cannot be fooled any longer, they are wiser now. Sen. Nafada has nothing to offer and the future of our state is on the verge of collapse until and only if we wake up to the clarion call and vote for a visionary leader and someone who has lots of promises that can take the state to greater heights.

The seeming relinquishing of his senatorial seat by the PDP candidate, Muhammad Ribadu, which the governor is foot-dragging to accept on the ground that he needs to consult with relevant stakeholders in the PDP is nothing but a make-it-real-drama that will end up playing out the final script of Governor Dankwambo and Senator Nafada, which is that the governor will end up flying the PDP senatorial seat of Gombe North.

Well, to the PDP members, I have one clear-cut advice that should awaken your understanding of the reality of events as we approach 2019; the governor can determine who wins the primaries under the PDP but will not succeed in imposing Senator Nafada as governor because the people of Gombe are now more politically sensitive to issues that trigger good governance which only the APC can offer.

Since the press man of the governor has acknowledged that people are clamouring for the Sardaunan Gombe, Dr. Jamilu Gwamna, let me quickly say that those people who form the majority of the people of the grassroots have reasons to clamour for JIG. I will like to state categorically that the reason for the clamouring for Sardaunan Gombe is strongly based on his high-profiled integrity, shrewd ability to manage issues that relate to the people of Gombe and his ingenuity to turn negative situations into positive ones for the good of the generality of the people.

Similarly, the fear that Gwamna, being a just and a no-nonsense business man, may end up probing the financial recklessness of the present administration which is evident in the misplaced priority projects like the Gombe conference centre for an agrarian state and a state where potable water isn’t available even in Gombe metropolis as the people are now being forced to spend more on water and tanks, all in the name of taking loans to enrich their personal pockets that led to JIG’s denial of the PDP ticket by Governor Dankwambo.

So if the PDP thinks the imposition of Nafada as their gubernatorial candidate was an escape route constructed to protect the current administration, they had better prepare to get legal experts to defend them in courts of law because the APC fight against corruption at the national level will be en- route Gombe to see to it that those who enriched their pockets through the resources of Gombe will face the music when Alhaji Inuwa Yahaya assumes office in 2019.

To this end, many across political, social and religious divides believe that Dr. Jamilu Isyaku Gwamna, is the true champion of democracy having stood against the injustice of imposition as orchestrated by those who think they could take the place of divinity to force on the people of Gombe State the person that should be their next governor in 2019.

Sani a public analyst writing from Gombe.

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