Face mask, sanitizer users urge government intervention

Face mask, sanitizer users urge government intervention


Face mask, sanitizer users urge government intervention 

By Salisu Baso 


As prices of face masks and sanitizers sky-rocket in Kano State, end users have called on the state government to provide sufficient prevention items especially the sanitizers and face masks at affordable prices in order to fight the current COVID-19 in the State.

According to some people who spoke to The Triumph, the price increase of the items is unfortunate, saying that some traders are inhuman at a time when people are in dire need for the prevention and protection kits against the killer virus.

The Triumph learnt that the price of 50 pieces of the ordinary face mask before the pandemic was N350, but has now been increased to N1, 200, while the price of 20 pieces of the original mask with chemicals was N1, 500.00 but now sells for N8, 000.

According to Abubakar Dan Sumaila of AbubakarRimi Market, SabonGari the increased price is due to the shortage of the items in the market, particularly the original one as a result of the closure of the border, noting that imported goods have become difficult to come by since the beginning of harmattan season.

Dan Sumaila disclosed that already local ones have been produced by tailors with high quality like the foreign ones, pointing out that their difference is the chemical content on the original and the price is affordable for the people.

Another trader, AbdulgafarZakari Mai Kusa of Humzak General Enterprises Sanitary Health Dealers described the increase in price of hygienic chemicals such as sanitizers and others to the present global pandemic of Corona virus which has affected countries that produce the items, saying the price hike in Nigeria and Kano in particular is due to the shortage of the materials in the markets.

He noted that since sanitizer is being produced in the country there is no reason for increment in its price, condemning the attitude of some Nigerians for using such opportunity to hammer a common man.

Mai Kusa therefore commended local producers of sanitizers, advising them to utilize the new method for improvement in the production.

According to a street hawker, MalamHabu the increase in the prices has led to people to stay away from the items and many of his colleagues have changed their businesses because of the shortage of the kit.

He called on the government to intervene through providing the items directly to them in order to sell it at affordable price to consumers.

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