Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi

COVID-19: Tijjaniyya followers cancel Nyass Maulud


COVID-19: Tijjaniyya followers cancel Nyass Maulud 

From Sule  Aliyu,  Bauchi


Toward taking precautionary measures in mitigating spread of the deadly Coronavirus, a reknown Islamic scholar and leader of Tijjaniyya Movement in the country, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi has announced the postponement of the annual birthday rememberance of Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass to another period as the virus continues to spread in the world.

The annual event was scheduled to take place simultaneously in Abuja and Sokoto State tomorrow.

Sheik Bauchi said many Islamic scholars and people from different parts of the world like Senegal, England, Morocco, Mauritania, United States of America, African and non African countries were confirmed to attend the event, but doctors and public health officials advised against doing so.

He said it would be recalled that people were advised to reduce being crowdy, wash their hands and sanitise them just to guard against contracting the disease, adding that in some places even congregational prayers were closed for that reason.

“We are postponing the event both in Abuja and in Sokoto because of the virus,’ he said.

The Islamic scholar advised people to recite Hasbunallahu wa Niimal Wakiylu 450 times frequently to ask Allah to prevent the Ummah from contracting the disease.

Bauchi prayed for peace and stability for the nation and other parts of the world.

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