Covid-19: Group warns against continuous closure of Mosques, Churches

Covid-19: Group warns against continuous closure of Mosques, Churches


Covid-19: Group warns against continuous closure of Mosques, Churches 

From Our Reporter in Damaturu


A group known as Concerned Citizens led by Ustaz Sa’idu Ahmad and Brother Moses Ayu, has recently condemned the closure of Mosques and Churches by the Federal Government while markets and government offices are allowed to operate.


The group, which met with selected media organisations in Maiduguri, Borno State, said the Federal Government may be playing the script of some Freemason group to sell their vaccine, which they described as satanic.


According to the group, the American billionaire, Bill Gate has been selling the idea of his vaccines for many years and there are facts that his vaccines are nothing but chips that his company and Freemason organisations are working together to bring people under their control.


“We say no to satanic agenda. There is no way market and other places can be opened while Mosques and Churches which are places of prayer to the Almighty to avert the pandemic can remain closed.

“If market can be opened for a whole day and people are not maintaining the social distancing, why not Mosques and Churches which operate on Fridays and Sundays for less than three hours,” the group demanded.


They observed that when Madagascar insists on its herbal remedy to Covid-19 and did not subject their citizens to lockdown because their herbal medicine is working, the World Health Organization (WHO), which is partner in the promotion of the Gate’s vaccine, had to give in and accept the Madagascar way.


“We need to come out and stop this being enforced on us. There are many ways to go about preventive measures for this pandemic because the spread has continued to ravage states despite the lockdown.

“Soon they will begin to insist on their vaccines and it is no longer news that WHO is planning to test the vaccines here in Nigeria,” the group noted.

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