Baby thief was daft in school

Baby thief was daft in school

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Baby thief was daft in school 

Christiana Gokyo Jos 


Mrs. Leritshimwa Diyal, a 32-year-old woman  who ‘stole’ a baby at the Plateau Special Hospital in Jos,  Plateau State last month may  have performed poorly in her Medical Studies while worrying over her childlessness.


Speaking to our correspondent, an official of the College of Health Technology, Zawan and whose name was withheld in the school
where she was schooling, said Diyal ought to have graduated last year but failed several courses.

According to him, her mates graduated last year but she has carry-overs, too many for her to be considered a graduate.

The ranking non-academic officer of the College believes her underperformance was due to depression, adding that the situation is very complicated.

According to him, she was better-off when she started; “she was depressed and needed serious help at that time.”

It could be recalled Mrs. Diyal was arrested on allegations of child theft which she has since owned up; she however, told journalists when she was paraded recently by the Police that she wished if she was dead.

Meanwhile, the Police are still hunting for her supposed accomplices in the crime before initiating her trial.

Similarly, the mother of the stolen new-born baby Mrs. Mary Chukwuebuka of COCIN Church Zarmaganda has urged women who can’t bear children to be patient, prayerful and wait for God’s time after she was united with her baby.

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