Another political imbroglio in Jigawa Pdp?

Another political imbroglio in Jigawa PDP?


Another political imbroglio in Jigawa PDP?

Asks Malam Yahuza Gabari 


The desperate move by Sule Lamido led Faction of the Peoples Democratic Party in Jigawa State in approaching the Dutse High Court seeking for an interim injunction; against the decision of the National Working Committee (NWC) of our great party to include the Jigawa State Chapter amongst the States with outstanding Ward Congresses hit the rocks.

At the ruling read by the Jigawa State High Court Judge, Justice Abdulhadi Yalwa on the date the case was filed on Friday 24th July 2020 declined to grant the restraining order.

No doubt, this attempt at rushing to the Court of Law to seek political leverage in spite of their self implicated quagmire has exposed the antics and the desperation of the said Faction to scuttle the democratic process already accomplished in the State, to which our great Party the PDP stood for nationally right from its formation.

Coincidentally, unknown to the Lamido led Faction, as the faction was busy at the Court praying to stop the conduct of the ward congresses earlier slated to hold the following Monday 27th July, 2020, the National Working Committee (NWC) of the Party has already decided to postponed its plan to hold the congresses for the reasons which was not unconnected with logistical challenges to another date to be announced in due course.

To me as a political toddler, it is amusing, laughable, embarrassing and indeed least expected to see the once towering figure and the face of PDP in the person of one of the founding members of our great Party collapsing and descending that very low to have initiated a legal action on his much cherished Party with a view to seeking a self serving agenda! The decision of the National Working Committee (NWC) to include Jigawa amongst the 5 States of the Federation with the outstanding congresses could not be unconnected with the fact of the report, submitted by Sen. Isa Hamma Misau Led Committee on the Ward Congresses to the National Headquarters of our Party in respect to the 16th March, 2020 congresses which they supervised in the State.

Subsequently, the report of the 16th March, 2020 ward congresses submitted to the NWC by Sen. Isa Hamma Misau clearly shown the ineffectiveness and lack of cooperation of the defunct State Executive Committee members who were openly partisan in favor of the Lamido led faction.

In  fact, the chaotic arrangement put in place by the defunct Executive does not provide serene atmosphere for such an important exercise.

The aftermath of this unfortunate scenario necessitated the Sen. Misau committee to return the election materials back to the National Headquarters and declared the election as an outstanding exercise.

It is worth recalling that, at its 88th meeting of the NEC an approval has been granted to commence the scheduled activities for the year 2020 Party Congresses, as well as the sales of nominations forms into various elective offices on cash and carry basis, which Malam Aminu Ibrahim Ringim led faction duly paid and obtained receipts for all its interested candidates right from the Ward, State and Zonal level.

On the contrary, it was strongly alleged that, the Lamido led faction were unable to purchase the forms rather, they managed to secure some of the forms for some offices across the 287 wards of the state on a written undertaking based on the agreement to pay at a later date.

At this juncture, it is important to highlight that, if the allegation is true, Lamido faction only obtained forms for some offices from the ward to the zonal level and had not paid in monetary terms, this would naturally generate palpable fear and anxiety, such that the Committee coming to conduct the Ward Congresses may find out those serious inadequacies and therefore may disqualify them from participating in the entire exercise.

Without hesitation, the resolve of the NWC to create a level playing field to all and sundry put them in a collision course with the so-called State leaders of the party especially in the North-West zone, where the main preoccupation of the so call founders of the party were continually constituting an overlord on the ordinary members of the party through monopolistic and dictatorial tendencies.

These tendencies always constitute an impediment to the victory of the party in all respects.

To buttress the point above, in all most all state in the North-West particularly in Kaduna, Jigawa, Katsina and etc; it is disturbing to note that, it has been a ritual practice of pouring old wine in a new bottle in the assembly of Party Executives from Ward to State levels, all in an attempt to deliberately and perpetually control the machinery of the party.

At every party congress, a scripted list is drawn and presented as a consensus Candidates with a view to blocking the ambition of other interested party stalwarts perceived to be qualified and likely to be disloyal.

It is at this juncture that I find it necessary to commend the National Chairman of the Party Prince Uche Secondus.

Under his leadership, the empathy of the NWC to understand and have the courage despite all odds to side with the truth in handling the party crises particularly in Jigawa State for their doggedness in resisting the pressure against the much desired paradigm shift from an old culture of impunity inherent in the party, to inclusiveness by opening its door to all interested party stalwarts to partake in the electoral process democratically with all sincerity of purpose.

History will be fair to a leadership that is determine to provide justice to all despite all odds and condemned leaders that constitute affront to detriment of justice and fair play. In this case, kudos must be given to the present crop of leadership of the party for trying to avoid some of the major past misnomers that visited upon the party in 2015 and 2019 which made it to lost the election in some of the states that are clearly PDP’s with mass followership.

In spite of the above contending reality, the NWC of our great Party decides to amongst other thing; maintaining its stand by ensuring the equilibrium amongst these two contending political blocks by deciding that, the Ward congresses earlier conducted on 16th March, 2020 in Jigawa State, should be revisited and therefore declared it as: “OUTSTANDING EXERCISE.”

Consequently, as the NWC released another time table for all its outstanding 2020 congresses, the Lamido led Faction of the PDP promptly filed a case against the Party which amounted to an act of indiscipline, contemptuous and an affront on the National leadership of the Party.

In contrast, the Aminu Ibrahim Ringim led Faction accepted the decision of the NWC in good faith and went into what it specializes best, that is grassroots mobilization of the party stalwarts and preparing itself ready to partake in the rescheduled ward congress.

For the avoidance of any doubt, Aminu Ibrahim Ringim led Faction in Jigawa State is ready to accept defeat only at the polls. After all, it is only those who are not sure of themselves that are afraid to go to the polls, which is the fundamental requirement for a democratic order since time immemorial.

Any action contrary to the above assertion will amount to nothing but grossly undemocratic and indeed a negation of the wheel of progress towards a peaceful resolution of the simmering imbroglio.

Gabari resides at No.3 Kofar Fada Gabari Town, Jahun Local Government Area, Jigawa State.

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