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Alleged death of accused: Family pray court to order IGP to produce son


Alleged death of accused: Family pray court to order IGP to produce son 

From Musa Abunaka, Jos 


 Family members of an accused, Mr. Nanpo Sambo on Wednesday urged a Jos Federal High Court to order the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to produce their son dead or alive.


The family of Sambo, who made the call through their Counsel, Mr. D.G. Dashe, accused the IGP and Mr. Abba Kyari, officer in charge of Intelligence Response Team (IRT), of lying to the Court that he (Sambo) died in cell while in detention.


“We don’t believe the story of the police because a family member had sometimes ending of that same month of July spoke with the alleged dead accused person through the aid of a personnel, whose name we wouldn’t wasn’t to mention here, “ Dashe said.


Our correspondent reports that the Police had through their Counsel. Mr. Joshua Ayanna, told the presiding Judge, Justice DorcasAgishi, thatSambo died on July 6 while in detention in their Abuja Cell.


In a motion filed on Sept. 11, Ayanna, asked the court to discharge its earlier order of August 3 that compelled the IGP and Kyari to appear before it to explain why the court would not charge them with contempt for failing to produce Sambo to face trial.



“At first, we were not aware of the court had earlier orders for us to produce the accused before the last order of August 3.



“Based on the information before this court, as contained in our motion, the accused is deceased and as we are praying this court to discharge the IGP and Kyari of its earlier order,“Ayanna solicited.



But Dashe opposed to that submission, which he said was a ploy to run away from their disrespect to the court  by refusing to appear before it along with the accused (Sambo).



“We vehemently oppose the affidavit deposed to by the Police. This is because the crux of the motion for discharging them (IGP and Kyari) is based on the mere allegation that the accused died on July 6 in their cell in Abuja.



“I submit that on the strength of our exhibits A – C, they (Police) can’t claim ignorant of the court’s orders.



“Secondly, they are claiming that he (Sambo) is dead. We don’t believe them. An uncle of his spoke with him around July ending, weeks after they (police) claimed he died on July 6.


“If truly he (Sambo) is dead, the family members would have been informed. Why only now are they informing the court?


“We submit that the must obey the court order, and until this court is certisfied that the accused person is dead, they must obey the court. If he is dead they must produce his corpse to show that he is truly dead,“Dashe argued.

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