Alhaji Kawu: A Centre Officer to emulate 

Alhaji Kawu: A Centre Officer to emulate


 For those who have a clean mind, for sure, they will continue to live in a blissful life – Alhaji Kawu: A Centre Officer to emulate 

By Ibrahim Shamaki Dan-Agundi & Mukhtar Hussain Kumbotso 


Alhaji Kawu: A Centre Officer to emulate 


 Even God, the Creator, loves those with a contented mind and their contentment shall lead them to prosperity. They shall have nothing to regret.

Those with such qualities have an added advantage and should be envied or copied and encouraged to keep the tempo going.

If a community is blessed with the likes of these, it is quite on the road to progress. Alhaji Kabiru Kawu Yakasai epitomizes the above qualities.

He is the Center Officer of Kano Municipal Local Government Area of Kano State. He represents the state Pilgrims Welfare Board in the area.

Rising from a good family background, Alhaji Kawu is also known for his dedication and hard work to duties.

A trustworthy and an achiever, he has been recording some breakthroughs in his stewardship as the representative of the pilgrims’ board in the area.

He was able to turn the pilgrimage sector around in the area as helps a lot in creating awareness on what it is all about to intending pilgrims from the area being one of the five pillars of Islam.

Alhaji Kawu: A Centre Officer to emulate 

Over the years, he has assisted greatly in making the sector to be yielding good results and being a silent achiever, he was able to also change the narrative of the sector from its comatose to an enviable one. Before his appointment as the Centre Officer of the area, most pilgrimage activities were not what they were supposed to be.

At that period, one could find so many people who paid for the pilgrimage, but their monies diverted to somewhere else. This attitude wrecked havoc to the lives of such payers or depositors of pilgrimage as well as those of their families.

Previously, those who made it to the pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia could attest that they were not comfortable with what was obtained those days during Hajj proper in the holy land as they would not be visited by the local government officials to knowing their problems with a view to solving them or boosting their plight.

However, under Kawu’s leadership, everything has changed to the better. No body, currently, after paying his/her Hajj fair, would find it difficult or impossible to make it to Saudi Arabia for the pilgrimage because of the necessary steps taken by the Center Officer to make the intending pilgrims to have it easy to attend the exercise in the holy land.

Alhaji Kawu: A Centre Officer to emulate 
Alhaji Kawu Yakasai at saudia Arabia

Pilgrims from Kano Municipal have now heaved a sigh of relief that they have now always been kept in a good and neat place as well as in a good condition of health in the holy land.

While in Saudi Arabia, they are being visited by the local government officials; this remains so for over a decade, and are being guided before, during and after the pilgrimage under the care of Alhaji Kawu in order to achieve an accepted Hajj.

Any pilgrim from the area would attest to these changes right from the time Alhaji Kawu assumed as the Centre Officer.

In the year 2015’s pilgrimage, a calamity that will never be forgotten in the history of the world had occurred in the holy land. It could be recalled that a tragedy occurred in Mecca, during that period, following a stampede where thousands of pilgrims lost their lives – among which were Nigerians who included those from Kano State and even from the Kano Municipal Local Government Area itself.

Being the Centre Officer, Alhaji Kawu spent scores of days searching for victims from his domain who died in the incident.

One of the victims, Alhaji Kawu was able to identify, was Alhaji Maigida. Immediately he found the remains of the deceased, he went to the commission which was in charge of the incident in the holy land and informed them that he saw corpse of his member.

Alhaji Kawu was issued with a bag, which the Meccan officials claimed to be a belonging to late Alhaji Maigida. In the bag, Alhaji Kawu discovered that it contained huge amount of hard currency, comprising United State of American Dollars, Found Sterling and Euros among others.

When the money was converted into Nigerian currency, it was over N4 million. The money was brought back to Nigeria and Alhaji Kawu did all what he could at his level to make sure that the money was taken to the family of the late Maigida.

He was attending a court for the matter just to give a testimony on what happened in Mecca and how the money was recovered and brought back to Nigeria.

Alhaji Kawu: A Centre Officer to emulate 

The money was taken along with him and together with the officials of the state pilgrims’ board to the family of the deceased to which the deceased’s family, to the best of their knowledge, said the late Alhaji Maigida had no such huge amount of money, but since Allah willed it to be theirs, they shared it among the heirs of the deceased.

This is a good work, which only Allah can reward Alhaji Kawu for doing it. Kano Concern Forum has conducted an intensive research before putting this piece forward where it met with the late Alhaji Maigida’s family who confirmed to it that this wonderful work has been done and they were given the money through the Centre Officer in the presence of late Alhaji Maigida’s eldest son, Malam Ahmad Maigida.

They prayed that Allah will reward him abundantly.

The above prompted writing of this piece to acknowledge the patriotism and trustworthiness of Alhaji Kawu, a grassroots politician who values his counterparts at the same level.

Dan-Agundi and Kumbotso are chairman and scribe of Kano Concern Forum who can be reached via their

 GSM numbers: 08033161004 and 08024696065


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