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Aisha Buhari: Why she never let sleeping dog lie


Aisha Buhari: Why she never let sleeping dog lie –

By Abdu Abdullahi

Sadly and regrettably, most of our insinuations and verdicts on crucial issues are superficially spearheaded and engrossed to hinder our holistic intellectual growth and render us needless ignorant.

But from intensely psychological and political conundrum of these trying moments, Hajiya Aisha Buhari’s spontaneous frictions involving her, President Muhammadu Buhari and the perceived cabals allegedly holding him to ransom is a major and insightful resourcefulness of unraveling the good, the bad and the ugly episodes of power.

Already, as a witness to power, Mrs. Buhari is richly endowed with what power possesses and entails to different characters and at varying times.

By now, she has learnt the massive intrigues and plots of the risky game of the throne. She can offer scintillating narratives of power functions and dysfunctions, how it breeds innocuous friends and vicious foes, how it breeches big trust and giant confidence. Since her husband’s assumption of presidential task and duty, she has undergone several infuriating and dismal phases that recognize no relaxed atmosphere in her political struggle to liberate Buhari from the unjustified influence exerted and imposed by the cabals as alleged.

From critical analysis so far, it will not be out of genuine context to hint that instead of fighting her husband’s battle of redeeming and renewing our declining hopes, she has conditionally been coerced to launch an impromptu war against the allegedly advancing and conquering cabals she deems and condemns as retarding his political aspirations.

As she persistently exposes that those behind the scene forces are actually managing and undermining Buhari’s presidency, her opinioned steadfastness has never gone astray and dwindled even for a while. Where and when she remains passive, it is just a matter of forced and temporary resignation, resonating with the dictates and tunes of the moments.

Only recently, the Villa was converted into the theater of nightmare and wholesome quarrelling for her when the ghost of pandemonium visited the power house unceremoniously.

It was an embarrassing show of relevance and legitimacy as the family of Mamman Daura formed a parallel force to be reckoned with.

It was a very harmful show that exhibited one of the terrible moments for Aisha as the First Lady whose fully fledged capacity of being the sole tenant of the Villa was vehemently contested.

That was a bloated and consuming crisis that inflicted more harm than good to Buhari’s orchestrated disciplinary passion. We pray that this should not be a tip of the ice bag.

What is the hullabaloo about this perennial crisis that largely tampers with mutual relationship especially between Aisha and some of Buhari’s family members and by extension some of his trusted aides and associates? A recap of Buhari’s political history from repeated failures to eventual victory is vital to decipher and comprehend Aisha’s endless disenchantment and vehement disagreement.

We have no deliberate objection that behind every Aisha Buhari: Why she never let sleeping dog lie successful man is a lady.

For Buhari in particular, debunking this reality will not augur well for him in the meantime. During the period of his political tribulations and trauma, it was the same Aisha who relentlessly consoled, counseled, encouraged him as the case might have been in order not to allow apathy overwhelm and bring him politically down.

As the closest person to Buhari, those years of his political frustrations were hectic and uncomfortable for her.

By marital dimension and estimation, she was compelled to share her husband’s political pains and agonies, mobilized his sleepy and dying hopes for eventual rejuvenation, motivated him through the most effective utilization of the best of times, the best of words, the best of affection and all that she could gather as her mobilizing and charitable tools to witness the final victory of her husband.

In a nutshell, she stood firmly by him defying adversity just like Hillary Clinton did not forsake her husband, Bill Clinton in the wake of the much publicized Monica Lewinsky controversial sex scandal.

In her proliferation of those political biddings and dealings, she was naturally controlled, nurtured and cajoled by two major factors.

Of course, she had every reason to be ambitious of being a First Lady.

That is one. After all, many First Ladies have come and gone.

Our memory will never forget and discard the influencing manner Maryam Babangida and Maryam Abacha shaped their husbands’ regimes.

The First Lady profile conferred on them by the two ex heads of state was conducive for their convenience that the rise of cabals was never to be.

Thus, going down history, Aisha would not be exceptional and sink into oblivion more especially in a democratic setting in which she was a senior participant and advocate of the birth of this administration.

Meanwhile, from a broader perspective, Aisha was naturally excited to see her beloved one assuming political General commanding large followers.

Aisha and the rest of us saw how the strangely amazing goodwill he was enjoying was cutting across the nooks and crannies of vast and heterogeneous Nigeria, subduing ethno religious bigotry like a mini revolution.

Almost all Nigerians spoke with a single voice of Sai Baba.

Uninterruptedly, it deepened and elongated our enthusiasm until victory became ours. With that incredible and gravitational phenomenon holding sway, Aisha would not just want to witness Buhari’s victory as an end itself, but more importantly, she would love to see Buhari moved to the highest level of a tested and trusted leader while at the helm of affairs that would be a rallying point of reference even after his exit.

Her tumultuous feelings and agitation for a change of character and disposition in the president could be understood from this point of view.

In a very surprising move that sent many Buharists politically asunder, she brought out her case of ill feeling about the cabals for the first time and consequently scored reason, protest and sympathy all together depending on one’s reflective capacity. Reminiscent of the Cold War between Russia and the US, Aisha instantly got herself entangled in consistent war of words between her and the cabals.

The first time she hit the nail on its head was when she voiced out her deep anger via the popular medium of the BBC.

She smartly did that to let the cat out of the bag for doing that would obliterate her mind from insurmountable restiveness.

It was a calculated attempt by her to serve us a very sensitive and provocative message to ginger our political thinking, analyze its political imbroglio to our President as man of the people entrusted to create a new Nigeria of national quality and standards.

Though Aisha was one of the prominent architects of the Buhari Presidency especially her down to earth performance to maneuver and woo the womenfolk of the South in particular, she was largely misunderstood, fiercely fired, not spared damaging condemnation from the Buhari enthusiasts who subjected her to the same level they persecuted Buhari’s adversaries, suggesting no mercy for her as she brought to the forefront the menace of the cabals.

Aisha Buhari: Why she never let sleeping dog lie

But from Aisha’s psychological permutations and probably as a result of Buhari’s introspective and intransigent adherence, she found him to be heedless in the wake of what she perceived as the conjuring tricks of the alleged cabals who would not like him having a soft landing as far as their insatiable ego would remain elusive.

She therefore resorted for the media option and attack to hit him for corrective adjustments and simultaneously deter the accused powerful men from their presumptuous collaboration and habitual shenanigans.

I wondered what was the reaction of those anti Aisha elements when he himself declared that most of the ministerial names submitted to him in his first tenure were not his own making and liking! Think of the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s prevailing uneasiness with Buhari which is largely attributed to the handiwork of the cabals.

In diagnosing this lingering and mutual suspicion and brouhaha directed at Aisha, it is mandatory to look into the pre and post election of 2015 with a view to pacifying those whose hearts were broken by Aisha’s ‘offensive’ utterances.

The pre-election era of 2015 was all about Buhari who was strongly believed to be the man of the people with momentous and unrivalled integrity and presumed to be the only option for the country’s decadence.

Aisha was an active party to that change vanguard and agenda for obvious reasons, notable of which was building up hope capacity for the vast majority.

In the post 2015 election however, she saw a serious danger invading Buhari’s administration to redefine its political aims and objectives.

The political risk was unknown to us until Aisha exploded. Nobody sighted it because she was in the best position to raise that alarm and relieve her of moral burden.

We must thank God that she defied timidity to let us know what was transpiring to our hard earned mandate.

Having considered it as a collective mandate, her primary motive was not to belittle the President but to brainstorm our mind on how to avert the imminent danger and save the popular regime from systematic and silent collapse.

As Buhari’s remaining days of power are numbered, it is pertinent to note that the perceived cabals around him are not his own creation.

They are indeed real and not imaginary who exist not only in Nigeria but constitute a global nuisance to be carefully policed by leaders to halt and avert their political devastations.

Abdullahi wrote in from Galadanci Quarters, Ringim, Jigawa State. He can be reached via: or 07036207998

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