Buhari to thugs: Snatch ballot box at your peril




Mansir Lawal Kaware

Democracy and democratic Governance are synonymous to bringing development to the people from the grassroots to the top level of the society.  It is against this backdrop that all Nations are going towards democratic rule and jettisoning military or other forms of undemocratic rules.

The cardinal point of Democracy is the freedom people have to elect  leaders of their choice irrespective of where they come from or what they are, in the society.

It is expected that free will of the people be allowed to prevail in producing those in positions of authority.  The majority votes are considered in democracy whether the political system chosen is that of party system or non-party form of election.  Although, ethno religious and regional sentiments may influence elections, they are hardly expected to play major roles in electing leaders.

On the basis of this, these primordial considerations should not be the rallying points in choosing credible leaders. Although these primordial issues still influence elections, to some extent, in Africa, the political stakeholders and electorates in the continent must learn to emulate advanced democracies where candidates are picked on merit not based on geopolitical location, Ethnic inclination or Religious Affinity.

The current democratic exercise in Nigeria has not only lasted for twenty years but has also witnessed transfer of powers to four different presidents within the democratic frame work.

This impressive state of affairs is arguably a huge indication of an undeniable maturity of the democratically elected Governments in the process of transfer of powers among the political leaders in country.


The ball has therefore been set rolling for stable democracy which will prosper without recourse to divisive tendencies and politics of religion, ethnic or Geopolitical backgrounds of political office holders.  Suffice it to say that those calling for transfer of power in the name of ethnicity, religion or geopolitical location came 2023 need to go back into their shelves.

As it is, there are a number of people talking either as individuals or groups claiming exclusive rights to contest the 2023 elections. Some These people are from South- East, South-West  and South-South.

The PDP had earlier said shortly after the supreme courtjudgment between Atiku and Buhari, that it was yet to decide which part of the country its next presidential candidate will come from in 2023 elections.

On its part, the ruling APC has been talking through its members and there is so much pressure on giving the slot to the South-West as most of them favour Bola Tinubu, VP Osinbajo and very recently IbikunleAmosun and Dr. Fayemi.

It is observed that some of those fighting for Osinbajo have started  slowing down their quests, while those for Tinubu are beating their drums lauder.  One thing appears to be on the side of Tinubu is that some are hoping it in the name of pure supporters while others are doing it through provocative means.

Those talking on this basis are also sub-divided into two.  There are those  who are angry that Buhari did not say in the open that the ticket is for Tinubu, while the other group, based on their  opposition to his style of politics, teases  him for not getting an open endorsement of President Buhari for the 2023 election ticket.

The sum total of these actions and inactions is to blackmail President Buhari into submission for the South-West to have the ticket.  This is because they are all talking, but without points.  Ayo Adebanjo of Afenifere said Yoruba land is in Danger, when he spoke in Ibadan at Tribune 70th Anniversary.  But reading through his address proved that, he said nothing that confirms  his assertion.


Femi Fani Kayode as usual was only ranting for nothing to show. T. Y. Danuma who was also in Ibadan only invited trouble for himself as the Yorubas he described as afraid of talking, ended up challenging him as one of the supposed culprits and many more.

It may be important to draw the attention of all those shouting about the role of Tinubu in Buhari’s success and calling for the 2023 ticket as compensation to Tinubu, the South-West or Southern Region that whoever supported Buhari could only assist which is normal in party politics, but Buhari had always had his way.

This is because in the three previous elections contest of 2003, 2007, 2011 Buhari had always polled over 10 million votes even under the CPC he floated in 2011.  Therefore, the most important thing for a politicians is acceptable followership based on individual integrity, which attracts other notable politicians to join hands with him.

Those talking about not giving Tinubu ticket which is considered as a fallacy need to appreciate the fact that President MuhammaduBuhari and the APC have done for Tinubu all that was expected in terms of beneficial compensation of a politician.  They are only looking at the 2023 ticket and the recent removal of two occupants of some positions such as FIRS and AMCON.  But they never cared to find the reasons behind such actions.


More so they never took into cognizance the statistics of the number of appointments and projects executed secured by Tinubu for the South-West as well as other advantages recorded in the South-West.  What they simply want a ticket.

There is nothing wrong in giving a ticket to Tinubu or any other person from the South-West or Southern part of the country, but even at that there is nothing to rush about.

The administration’s 2nd term is still into its seventh month, there is need to concentrate on developing the country and solving the critical problems of insecurity, unemployment and educational quality, while the idea of choosing who against who could some-up as early as 2021.

Even then, it will be better to allow acceptance, integrity and focus to dictate who should be taken as a candidate and not on the basis of religion, ethnic or geopolitical locations.

A similar scenario is showing its head in Katsina State.  Governor Aminu Bello Masari’s primary concern for the second term is to make sure he leaves a legacy worthy of emulation by successive administration.  He is one person that wants to see a functional civil service, make the existing infrastructure alive, improved education and health, ensure good security network and provide additional infrastructure that is relevant to the yearnings of the people in the state.

However, the interest in the office he will vacate in 2023 has carried away the thinking of some people’s supporters and may want to distract his attention.  As it is there are about five personalities that have started moves to occupy General MuhammaduBuhari House, which is the seat of Power for the State Government in Katsina, though could not rule out the possibility of more interested persons in the near future.  Among the five whose interests have rented the air are four from Katsina Central Senatorial District and one from Katsina North while Katsina South Senatorial District is yet to indicate anyone, possibly because the current Governor is from that part of the political wing.  Those known from that area are fairly silent.

For now, two of the aspirants have their source of power from one root, if any of them is pushed forward others may have to retire to their fate.


One of the remaining three is backed by a business mogul and a strong pillar of APC in Katsina State.  Another would be aspirant of the Number one office in the State is very central to the present administration and could be adjudged to have equally picked a tag in the party control Ordinarily he will be very difficult to defeat.

The fifth one had started well, but appeared to have developed cold feet though he has to his credit one of the strong political family behind him in Katsina.

Be what it may, there is need to stand down the moves for 2023 at both National and State levels till later in time to allow for conducive atmosphere of administrative progress that will be beneficial to the electorates.



MansirLawal Kaware,  Katsina State.

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